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Doctoral Student Publishes Research on Prostate Cancer

Published on August 19, 2020

Jen Hertzog PhD'12 (Cell and Molecular Biology)Jen Hertzog PhD’21 (Cell and Molecular Biology), along with USciences faculty members Chris Janetopoulos, PhD, and Jason Heindl, PhD, have had their research published in the journal The Prostate. 

The research, titled “AKR1C3 mediates pan-AR antagonist resistance in castration resistant prostate cancer” focuses on castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), which is an incurable stage of the disease. This research explores the idea that while pan-AR antagonist inhibitors are effective in blocking the AR signaling pathway, many patients go on to develop acquired resistance to these therapies. 

The research team generated a pan-AR-antagonist resistant preclinical model in vitro and performed comprehensive transcriptic and proteomic analysis in an effort to identify molecular alterations that may drive, or be predictive of, the resistant phenotype. 

Access to the full publication can be found here.Diagram of the experimental workflow used to identify potential drivers of the pan-AR antagonist resistant phenotype

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