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Daniel Neuner Joins Brewing Science Program

Alumnus of the USciences Brewing Science program Daniel Neuner has now joined the Brewing Science team as the Malt Beverage Lab Manager. Neuner received his Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science from USciences in 2017. 

Neuner has a passion for all aspects of fermentation science including beer, spirits, and wine making. He hopes to build the Malt Beverage Lab as a unique resource for both Brewing Science and Biology students and, ultimately, for the greater beer industry. 

Currently residing in Philadelphia, Neuner was previously a career fine arts and studio photographer. He is the proud parent of two cats, Louie and Piper, as well as a dog, Bogart. When he isn’t working, Neuner enjoys riding his motorcycle, hiking, reading, “nerding out on Star Wars” and, obviously, enjoying a beer. 

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