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ASCP Student Chapter Achievements

Written by ASCP Student Chapter President
Published on April 28, 2017

USciences American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) had a productive year, expanding opportunities on campus and off in the areas of leadership service, inter-professional education, working toward our mission for seniors’ medication safety, and networking.

In the fall, the chapter raised funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Citizens Bank Park.

Fall was also the kickoff for the First Annual Geriatrics Day on University of the Sciences campus.  This event took place during the National Week of Fall Prevention (coinciding with the start of Fall) and was an interactive, fun and educational event for the whole campus and local community.  ASCP students prepared baskets of questions related to both fall prevention and geriatric cognitive impairment. 

The chapter members also volunteered at the Stone Harbor Senior Center for Medication Education Day, sponsoring pharmacy bingo and providing additional activities related to medication safety, medication adherence, and immunization education.

USciences American Society of Consultant Pharmacists chapter volunteered at the Star Harbor Senior Center in March to introduce the Vial of Life program, which encourages individuals to have their complete medical information ready in their home in the event that first responders and emergency medical workers are called. The information would allow them to know about the person’s medications, allergies, and illnesses.

In April 2016, PCP ASCP members joined a regional planning team with student and pharmacist members of Pennsylvania and Maryland ASCP chapters to plan the student track for the Mid-Atlantic ASCP Annual Conference held in August 2016.  In addition to planning, five PCP students attended this regional event in Alexandria, VA.

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