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Area Undergraduates Participate in Research Workshop

Published on August 19, 2021


Chief Bioscientist and Director of Science Content at The Franklin Institute, Jayatri Das, PhD, led a science communications workshop for 56 undergraduate student researchers from Philadelphia-area colleges. The workshop, entitled SciCom101: What, Why, and How to Engage Public Audiences is the second of its kind held at the University.

The event was for undergraduate students who have been conducting research at area colleges, and provided tools for students to improve their craft through four exercises. Exercises included a reflective listening exercise, where students reflected on how listening to each other serves as the first step to exchanging meaningful ideas, a simplifying language exercise, where students summarized their projects using the most common 1000 words in the English language, a story crafting exercise, and a making connections exercise, which showed the importance of framing research ideas in the correct context.

The workshop was funded through an IREG Grant given to Roberto Ramos, PhD, by the Charles Kaufman Foundation.

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