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Anthropology, Psychology Faculty Publish Research in Medical Anthropology Journal

Published on January 31, 2020

Michelle Ramirez,PhD, MPH, associate professor of anthropology in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, was recently published in the journal Medical Anthropology. Dr. Ramirez co-authored an article on personhood in cancer survivorship with E. Amy Janke, PhD, Interim chair of the department and associate professor of psychology

The article entitled “Cancer Survivorship at the Intersection of Care and Personhood” was published online in August 2019. 

From the article abstract:

Surviving colorectal cancer following ostomy surgery with an intestinal stoma presents numerous challenges to the cultural category of full adult personhood. The foremost is managing unpredictable bowel activity. The technical management of the ostomy facilitated by biomedical specialists, is essential for personhood realignment. This article focuses on how some female long-term cancer survivors manage and adapt to this new fecal habitus by mobilizing various assemblages of care – receiving care, continuing to provide particular gendered forms of care, and returning to caregiving roles. These interdependent practices of care realign personhood, or at the very least, minimize the assaults that having an ostomy presents to the cultural category of full adult personhood.

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