11 APhA-ASP Students Participate in Haddon Heights Health Fair

Published on November 7, 2017

Eleven doctor of pharmacy students from the American Pharmacist Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists participated in a Health Fair at the Haddon Heights Fall Festival on Saturday, October 7, 2017 in New Jersey. Theye were representatives from Operation Diabetes, Generation Rx, Operation Self-Care. Student leaders who provided direction were Charissa Pham PharmD’19 (Patient Care Vice President), Melissa Nguyen PharmD’19 (Operation Diabetes), Sidra Kazmi PharmD’19 (Generation Rx), and Alicia Alex PharmD’20 (Operation Self-care. Grace Earl P’86, PharmD’92 is the faculty advisor for APhA-ASP Operation Heart and attended the event.

o  three students participated with Generation Rx: Kazmi, Kelly Mitchell PharmD’19, Marie Tomoiaga PharmD’20

o  five students with Operation Diabetes: Nguyen, Pham, Kachel Mallari PharmD’19, Zixuan Yang PharmD’21, Fabbiha Chowdhury PharmD’21

o  two students with Operation Self-care: Alex and Alexus Rivas PharmD’20

The group was met by Carl Ballier, Haddon Heights Public Health department, who was enthusiastic about continuing to invite PCP students to participate in this event. The group delivered blood glucose screening; demonstrated use of naloxone for opioid reversal; blood pressure screening; and educated patients about safe self-care. There was a Rite Aid pharmacist who delivered over 20 immunizations for influenza. Generation Rx quizzed youngsters on recognizing medications from candy using a colorful poster.

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