USciences Psychology Students Attend International Meeting

Published on June 19, 2019

Four USciences students attended the International Society for Autism Research annual meeting from May 1 -4, 2019 in Montreal. Read More...

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Dr. Carolyn Giordano Elected to National Academies of Practice

Published on June 10, 2019

Carolyn Giordano PhD, associate provost for institutional effectiveness, was elected as a distinguished fellow for the National Academies of Practice (NAP) in Psychology.  Read More...

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Paper Co-written by Faculty Member Published in National Journal

Published on June 5, 2019

A paper by cowritten by Michael Robert PhD, assistant professor of mathematics, was published in the journal Epidemics. Read More...

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2019 Undergraduate Research Festival Featured on National Website

Published on June 4, 2019

“Undergraduate Research Week” was held across the United States and as part of the celebration, the University held the 2019 USciences CUR Undergraduate Research Festival.  Read More...

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Faculty Member Appointed to NLN TEQ Blog Editorial Board

Published on June 4, 2019

Elizabeth Speakman, Associate EdD, RN, FNAP, ANEF, FAAN, associate provost for interprofessional and telehealth education and professor of health science was appointed to the NLN TEQ Blog Editorial Board. Read More...

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New 2019-2020 Student Government Association Members Elected

Published on May 17, 2019

The members of the 2019-20 Student Government Association were announced April 12. Read More...

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IPE Associate Provost Delivers Webinar to Georgia Faculty and Clinicians

Published on May 17, 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Speakman EdD, RN, FNAP, ANEF, FAAN, associate provost for interprofessional and telehealth education and professor of health science delivered a Webinar presentation to the Georgia IPE Curriculum Advisory Network. Read More...

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Students, Faculty, and Staff Collaborate at Inaugural Proven Games Competition

Published on May 17, 2019

During the Spring 2019 semester, the Proven Games were introduced as a way to encourage students, faculty, and staff collaborate outside of the classroom. Read More...

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Represents USciences at 12th Annual FCBIS Conference

Published on May 10, 2019

Students and faculty from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry participated in the 12th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium (FCBIS) in Bethesda, MD on Friday, May 3, 2019.  Read More...

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Campus Activities Board 2019-2020 Announced

Published on May 7, 2019

Students elected new members for the Campus Activities Board to serve on the executive board for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Read More...

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