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The Bicentennial Alumni Roster

We’re celebrating 200 years and you’re an important part! To honor all our alumni, we’ve compiled a Bicentennial Alumni Roster—a listing of all who have graduated from the institution.

The current version of the Roster includes any changes that were submitted by January 6, 2021. If you do not see your changes, or you would like to make an update, we are happy to incorporate your information.

Please submit new updates, using the form below, by May 31, 2021.  These updates, along with the official listing of graduates from the Class of 2021, will be reflected in a newer version of the Roster to be shared on July 1.  

Bicentennial alumni roster, review through January 4, 2021

Ensure that your name and your Legacy Society family members are included. If there are any updates or changes to a listing in the roster, please submit them using the instructions and form below:

  1. Flip through the roster, or search by last name to locate your name, and your legacy family members and friends.
  2. If you have any changes to your name or graduation year (of your first degree from USciences) and/or updates to your contact information, please submit using the form below. Be sure to complete a separate form for each roster name entry that needs a correction.

Roster Correction Form


Update Your Contact Information

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