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Transferring Credits

Below is an incomplete list of institutions and their courses that transfer into USciences. If you do not find the institution(s) or course(s) you are looking for, please contact our transfer counselors at or 215-596-8810.  Current USciences Students: please refer to your academic advisor for any questions about transfer credits.

USciences Transfer Credit Guidelines

  • Courses are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Transfer credit is usually granted for comparable coursework completed at a regionally accredited college or university.
  • In most cases, a grade of “C” or better must be achieved and the coursework must meet the specific requirements of the applicant’s program of study.
  • Science courses must include at least 1 credit hour of lab work.
  • There is a ten-year expiration on the transferability of science and math courses.
  • Pre-professional courses completed 10 or more years prior to enrollment may not be accepted for transfer credit or may require additional validation by the University.
  • Credits earned taking professional level coursework are not acceptable for transfer.
  • In most cases, class year is determined by the number of credits USciences accepts for transfer.  For example, those transferring 0-30 credits=first year, 31-60=second year, etc. Exceptions may include professional programs (DPT, PharmD, DrOT)
  • Transfer students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree have satisfied all General Education requirements
  • The PA program (BSHS/MSPAS) does not allow transfer credit to be awarded for the following courses: Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology,  Clinical Immunology, Hematology, Medical Terminology, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, or Scientific Writing.

Accepted students receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation (TCE) that includes the courses and credits acceptable by the University for transfer. (We do not provide this evaluation prior to acceptance.)  If a particular course has been completed successfully, but hasn’t been determined to be equivalent to a course offered at USciences, it still may be accepted for credit. In these instances, the USciences course number will appear on the TCE as X01 or X10; e.g. PS X01 could be used to label a particular psychology (PS) course taken at your school that is not offered here at USciences. This allows you to fulfill graduation requirements with courses outside of USciences’ usual offerings.


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