Take an Individual Course

Non-matriculated students may take a limited number of courses at USciences.  See below for the application process.

Undergraduate Coursework

  1. Create an online account with USciences.
    • Select the attributes that most closely describe your educational experience.
    • For  'What Major Interests You?", select Undergraduate coursework: not degree seeking  (courses #100-400)
    • Complete other fields and create account.
  2. Select “Start an Application”, and then “I am interested in taking a course(s) at USciences without formally enrolling in a degree program”
  3. Under “Select Course(s)” you may submit up to two courses.  Consult WebAdvisor for semester course offerings, course number and course name. Once in the WebAdvisor system, select the Students menu, and then 'Search for Sections'
  4. Once you have begun your online application, you will receive two supplemental forms via email: course permission form and course registration form. Please complete and upload to your application account.
  5. Once your application is complete, an Admission representative will contact you to complete your enrollment into your selected courses.

Graduate Coursework

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit official or unofficial college transcripts from all colleges attended. If you attended USciences we will obtain this transcript for you.
  3. Submit a 500-word essay describing personal and professional goals, as well as why you wish to enroll as a non-matriculated graduate student at USciences. Essay may be submitted as part of application via the application portal, as an email enclosure, or sent separately via postal mail.
  4. Submit resume or CV
  5. Submit course registration form
  6. Submit one letter of recommendation



Admission Office 
Whitecar Hall, Room 2707
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495