Tuition and Fees 

The Tuition and Fee Schedule represents the major expenses charged directly by the school. We encourage students to refer to their program’s web pages to become familiar with any additional expenses specific to their program. The Financial Aid Office is a resource for understanding total the Cost of Attendance.  For a big-picture approach to financial planning, we always welcome students to contact the Student Accounts Office by phone at 215-596-8860, by email at, or in person by visiting our office on the first floor of Kline Hall.

FY 2017-2018 Tuition and Fee Schedule:

Tuition Semester Year
Undergraduate $19,147 $38,294
Professional years (a) 21,062 42,124
6th Year PharmD (b) --- 59,676
Part-time (per credit)
Undergraduate 1,596 ---
Professional years (a) 1,755 ---
Graduate (per credit)
Masters of Public Health (c) 1,098 ---
Masters in Physician Assistant Studies (d) 843 ---
All other Graduate (c) 1,676 ---
Post Professional DrOT, Online (c) 1,146 ---
Summer Special Arts and Science Courses (per credit) 770 ---
Certificate Program - Brewing Science (per credit) (h) 1,182  
Fees Semester Year
General Fee Undergraduate & Professional (full-time) $850 $1,700
General Fee Undergraduate & Professional (per credit) 53 ---
General Fee 6th Year PharmD (full-time) (b) --- 2,232
Late Payment Fee (e) --- ---
Room and Board Charges Semester Year
Goodman, Osol and Wilson
Triple Room $3,850 $7,700
Double Room 4,808 9,616
Single Room 6,010 12,020

Board Plans (residents)

11 Meal Plan (11 meals per week + $625 Declining Balance Dollars per semester) (f) 3,061 6,122
Ultimate 700 (14 meals per week + $700 Declining Balance Dollars per semester (f) 3,161 6,322
Other Fees Semester Year
Health Insurance (g) --- $1,993

(a) Applies to 3rd through 5th year Pharmacy (P1 - P3 years), 3rd through 6th year Occupational Therapy (P1 - P4 years) and 4th through 6th year Physical Therapy (P1 - P3 years). Amount does not include any tuition charge for mandatory winter and summer sessions. Pharmacy students are billed at part-time professional rate for PP-418 (IPPE) in Summer 4th or 5th year. Physical Therapy students have two additional summer terms and one additional intersession billed at part-time professional rates.  Occupational Therapy students have three additional summer terms billed at part-time professional rates. Students are advised to confirm with their deans the requirements for additional coursework that may affect total tuition.

(b) Billed in equal amounts over three terms starting with the Summer term.
(c) No General Fee for these courses.
(d) Amount does not include any charges for General Fee for these courses.
(e) Late Payment Fee is assessed at $100 per month.
(f) See Dining Service webpage for updates on other plan offerings.
(g) Mandatory for full-time students and some part-time students (excluding online programs) unless proof of other comparable insurance is provided according to the requirements outlined by the Student Health and Counseling Office. See SHAC webpage for updates on exact requirements.
(h) Certificate Program - Brewing Science is billed per credit fee. 

The University Administration reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees, and room and board charges. 

For more information about refunds after withdrawal or dismissal, please see our Refunds file. 


Marty Beckerman
Director, Student Accounting Services


Office Location: Kline Hall, Room 103
University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495