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Single Stream Recycling

University of the Sciences participates in single-stream recycling. This means all acceptable recyclables may be placed in the same container. When in doubt, recycle!

USciences’ recycling containers are blue, have the universal recycling symbol on the front, are lined with a clear trash bag, and should be found in every office suite and building on campus. If you notice a location in need of a recycling bin, please contact the Facilities Service Response Desk at 215-596-8955.

Acceptable Recyclables – All in the same recycling container, please!


Junk Mail
Telephone Books
Computer Paper
Wrapping Paper
Crayon Drawings
Office Paper
Copy Paper


Cereal Boxes
Tissue Boxes
Food Boxes
Milk Cartons
Juice Boxes
Soda Cartons
Egg Cartons (paper fiber)
Paper Bags
Cardboard Boxes
Gift Boxes


Juice Bottles
Condiment Jars
Jam Jars
Jelly Jars
Assorted Food Jars
Salad Dressing Bottles


Plastic Water Bottles
Plastic Soda Bottles
Plastic Milk Jugs
Lotion Bottles
Food Bottles
Condiment Bottles
Vegetable Oil Bottles


Aluminum Cans
Fruit Cans
Vegetable Cans
Juice Cans
Soup Cans
Sauce Cans
Assorted Food Cans

No Polystyrene, Wood, or Yard Waste. If your item has a small amount of food waste, it will be accepted.

When in doubt, recycle!

Other Recyclables

Printer ink, toner cartridges, pens, pencils and markers can be recycled through the USciences Mail Room.