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Mail Room

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    Mail Room

    We serve the University in the capacity of mail handling and parcel shipping. We use computerized mail metering equipment, a high-speed folder-inserter, and internet tracking of overnight mail deliveries and UPS shipments.

    Listed below is a basic list of services provided by the mail room. 

    • US mail pick up
    • Parcel and overnight services
    • Overnight letters
    • International parcels
    • Folding and inserting service
    • Recycling printer cartridges and toner bottles
    • Personal Services
    • Q-Trak

    Mail Pick Up Times

    Mail is picked up from the mailroom and the mailbox on 43rd Street in front of Griffith Hall at 3:15 pm Monday thru Friday. There is one pick on Saturdays at 1pm. Any mail brought to the mailroom or put in the mailbox after 3:15 will be picked up the next business day.

    If you are trying to mail an item Priority or Priority Express, the only way to guarantee its timely arrival is to drop it off at one of the three Priority Mail drop locations shown on  this USPS map.

    Parcel and Overnight Services

    The University uses UPS for Domestic and International parcel and letter shipments. Please bring items for shipment to the mailroom prior to 3:30. Items that need to be shipped after 3:30 pm can be placed in the UPS box outside Griffith Hall by 7:00 p.m. for pick up.

    Overnight letters should be sent via UPS. The US Postal Service Express mail Overnight service is substantially higher than UPS’s service.

    Shipments to a PO Box can only be sent US Mail Service; no exceptions.

    Overnight Shipments for Saturday Delivery should be sent USPS Express Mail or FedEx. Postal rates are less expensive for Saturday delivery than UPS.

    International Parcel Shipments via UPS The following information is needed to ship packages, except paper documents, outside the United States:

    • Contact Phone Number (of the person receiving the shipment)
    • Product Description and Tariff Code. Mailroom personnel will guide you through the UPS website to find the tariff code and product description so the package will quickly clear the destination country's customs.
    • Country of Origin (where the item was manufactured)
    • Number of Units
    • Price per Unit

    International Parcel Shipments have two separate charges:

    • UPS Shipping Charge: This is know when the shipping ticket is created
    • Duty and Taxes: This charge is not known until the parcel clears customs in the destination country.

    Personal international shipments must be paid with a credit card. The Duty and Taxes will be automatically billed to your credit card; typically 2 to 7 days after the package is picked up. The university will not cover the cost of duty and taxes on international packages.

    Additional questions? Call the UPS International Help Desk at 800-782-7892.

    Folding Inserting Service

    • Folding or folding and inserting service is provided at no charge to all departments.
    • Letter and legal sheets can be folded. Up to 5 sheets (no staples), one of which can be a business reply envelope, can be folded and inserted in a number 10 envelope (standard or window)
    • If this is the first time your job will be folded and inserted please try to bring a sample of the job to the mailroom a few days before the job is ready for mailing so the job can be set up on the machine.
    • Stop in the mailroom with additional questions or to see a demonstration of how the machine works.

    Recycling Printer Cartridges and Toner Bottles

    Mailroom accepts all of your cartridges from Laserjet and Inkjet printers. Additionally we accept Ricoh toner bottles. We can also accept old cell phones.

    Unfortunately, the company Terracycle who upcycles pens, markers and pencils aren’t currently accepting any more of these items. When this option is available again, the mailroom will notify the university via email.

    Personal Services

    All outgoing mail and parcel shipping services are available to faculty, staff and students:

    • Receive all discounted mail and UPS shipping rates provided to the University
    • Purchase Stamps
    • Drop pre stamped mail in the slot labeled “Stamped Mail”
    • Fax Services: domestic fax: $.50 per page   international fax $.75 per page

    All Personal Services can be paid with your Devils Dollars on your USciences One Card.  If you are a student, you are asked to put your student ID number on the check as well. If your purchase is below $5.00, the mailroom staff can instruct you on how to add money to your OneCard online using the information on your check.  UPS can be paid with a credit card.


    Q-Trak is an internal tracking system used by some of the staff at the University. The service allows notifications of delivery as well as parcel location within the campus. More information is available on the Mailroom Portal Page.

    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


    Bob Fulton
    Mail Room Coordinator


    Office Location: 4619 Woodland Ave.
    University of the Sciences
    600 South 43rd St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495