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Writing Programs

We provide student-centered and innovative learning experiences in all composition and professional writing courses and ensure USciences graduates are effective written communicators.

First Year Writing

The writing program consists of an organized group of interdisciplinary, expository writing courses beginning with WR 101 – Writing and Rhetoric I and WR 102 – Writing and Rhetoric II. In these courses, incoming freshmen focus on developing audience-aware, purposeful writing for a variety of academic and professional situations that students will encounter both in school and the world at large.

Assessment and Skill Development Seminars

All students enrolled in first-year writing participate in portfolio-based writing assessment. In addition to compiling portfolios of written work, students are assessed via in-class essays written at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester. Students whose assessments demonstrate, in conjunction with their in-class work, that they will benefit from additional assistance are required to participate in writing seminars while concurrently enrolled in either WR 101 or WR 102. These weekly seminar groups meet in the Writing Center and are led by trained Writing Center tutors who assist students with their first-year writing assignments. If students are referred to writing seminars, participation is required for the successful completion of the associated writing course.

ESL Courses

The writing program supports multi-language learners by offering English as Second Language courses in reading, writing, and speaking. These courses help students whose second or other language is English to prepare for college-level speaking and writing.

Graduate Writing Courses

In addition to our other offerings, we also provides courses for graduate-level students. Currently we offer WR 700 which is held every fall semester and provides guidance and assistance with writing coursework.

Writing Center

In addition to the courses it teaches, the writing program operates the Writing Center. The Writing Center serves students of all abilities and in all disciplines and assists with any writing needs. In addition to on-campus tutors, online tutors are available via Skype for assisting distance learning students.


Justin Everett, PhD
Director, Writing Programs


Office Location: Mayes College, Room 136
University of the Sciences
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Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495