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Student Participation in Experiential Education

As a student at University of the Sciences you will need to satisfy requirements imposed by training sites as a condition of your participation in experiential education. Additionally, prior to being permitted to begin or continue rotations at off campus training sites, you may be annually required to:

  • Provide a medical history including immunity to infectious diseases by documented history of infectious diseases (example: measles, rubella, hepatitis B) or vaccination including titers for certain agents.
  • Have a negative PPD or chest x-ray if indicated
  • Complete a physical examination
  • Submit to a criminal background check and other background checks with disclosure to site of any convictions consistent with their criteria
  • Submit to a drug screen with disclosure to site of any positive findings for drugs that are taken without medical supervision
  • Provide evidence of and maintain personal medical insurance coverage at all times while at off-campus training sites
  • Provide First Aid, CPR and other clinical training certifications as required by site
  • Have a social security number
  • Acknowledge and meet program's technical standards

If you cannot satisfy requirements listed above, the University may be unable to place you in an experiential education setting. As a result, you may not be able to complete the graduation requirements outlined by your major or obtain licensure.

Depending on the requirements of the affiliation agreement between the site and the University, the documentation requested may be coordinated by or at the training site or facilitated by the University using campus-based programs or by an external agency. In all cases, the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring the requirements have been satisfied.


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