Destination: Success® - Flexible Curricula

Through Destination: Success®, you have the freedom to explore academic and professional options and transition seamlessly between majors while still graduating on time.

Adaptable, Dynamic, and Directed

It’s all by design. In your first two years, you take a broad array of courses to build your academic foundation—all the while consulting with your advisory team and participating in experiential learning activities like research projects, which are open to students from the first year onward. This allows you to maximize your time and plan for specialized courses when you’re sure of your path. If you do choose to switch programs or majors, your advisors can help you find the right courses and opportunities.

Guidance for Every Path

How can the flexibility of Destination: Success®  help students like you?

When an internship exposed a pre-med student to occupational therapy, Destination: Success® enabled him to shift gears and still graduate on time. When a chemistry major realized she preferred patients to test tubes, expert advisors helped her make the transition, from identifying the right pre-med courses to seeking an early assurance seat at a respected medical school.

Undecided about your future? Destination: Success®  provides support at every step, including:

  • A freshman orientation course
  • Curricular exposure to the sciences and health professions
  • Hands-on experiential learning, including research projects, internships, volunteer and shadowing opportunities
  • Counsel from an expert advisory team from day one