Destination: Success® - Experiential Learning

In the sciences and health professions, there is no substitute for experience. Destination: Success®  incorporates a strong learning-by-doing component to help you find the academic and career path that’s right for you.

Philadelphia has a rich life sciences economy, including the extensive network of healthcare, regulatory, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. USciences maintains strong relationships with many of the organizations and institutions in the surrounding region for you to apply what you learn in the classroom and the lab to participate in research projects as well as internship and volunteer opportunities. Your advisors will guide you in finding opportunities that match your interests.

Research from Year One

As a science and health professions university, we offer our students the opportunity to conduct research as early as your first year in your area of interest with faculty members who are experts in their fields. Working closely with your mentor, you will explore subjects in depth. Our students have the opportunity to present their findings at national conferences and participate in the authorship of journal publications. USciences students are unique in being able to enjoy this advantage so early in their academic or research careers.

Internships, Volunteering, and Shadowing

Your advisors can also connect you to the intern, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities that are valued by professional programs and employers.

These experiences enable you to:

  • Get hands-on exposure to a specific area in the science or health professions
  • Form valuable relationships with experts in the field
  • Expand your experiences, credentials and skill set
  • Gain insight into a career choice
  • Earn a stipend, course credits, or both

Some examples where our students gain these experiences include:

  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Delaware River Basin Commission
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • International Flavors and Fragrance
  • Longevity Biotech
  • PennVet’s Ryan Hospital in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
  • Philadelphia Crime Laboratory
  • Philadelphia VA Medical Center
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Stroud Water Research Center
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences
  • The Franklin Institute
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection