Destination: Success® - Expanded Advising

With Destination: Success®, we will provide you with the guidance to find the right courses, research projects and opportunities to intern, volunteer, and shadow.

Destination: Success® connects you with professional academic advisors, specialized pre-health professions advisors, and faculty mentors to support you and help you explore all of the opportunities available to you, including options you may not have considered.

Strength in Numbers

Through Destination: Success®, you will have an academic advisor who will help you determine the academic coursework you will need for your individual path. Depending on your chosen career path, you will have access to a Pre-Health Professions Advisor who will offer guidance on pre-professional programs at USciences and other institutions and/or a scientific mentor who will guide you in your chosen scientific discipline.

Your advisory team offers the following benefits:

  • Personalized attention to help you find your “perfect fit” career in the sciences or health professions
  • Expert guidance to determine the best steps for moving closer to your goals
  • Extensive resources and faculty connections to direct you to the coursework, research projects and opportunities to intern, volunteer, and shadow

Expert Support

Courses taught by USciences faculty provide students with the opportunity to learn from experts in their respective science disciplines. While staying current in their disciplines through research and teaching, faculty members also serve as academic advisors to ensure students are completing the courses required of their major in order to graduate on time. Our low student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1 enables our students to develop professional relationships with their faculty. This contributes to the academic success of our students and their ability to conduct research as early as their first year. As a result, faculty members write stronger letters of evaluation for students’ applications to health professions or graduate schools.

Pre-Health Professions Advisors deliver valuable insights into science and health professions programs, including requirements for acceptance and what the experience is like once you are there. They have significant expertise in guiding students through all aspects of the application cycle and constantly update their skills through participation in local, regional, and national professional meetings.