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Division of Academic Affairs 
Staff and Areas of Responsibility

Office of the Provost

Administrative office for the Provost.  USciences faculty and staff should refer to the internal Office of the Provost Google site for faculty information, documents, forms and policies. 

Jill M. Baren, MD, MS, MBA
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Whitecar Hall 2302

Patty Notarfrancesco
Assistant to the Provost
Whitecar Hall 2304

Andrew Armitage, EdD, MBA
Associate Provost for Administration
Whitecar Hall 2301

John Connors, PharmD
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Whitecar Hall 2601

Jean-Francois Jasmin, PhD
Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education
McNeil Hall 104


University of the Sciences in Philadelphia is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), and several individual programs maintain Accreditation and Certification from other agencies.  In addition to our Accreditation web page, please also refer to our public web page devoted to the UScience MSCHE Self-Study, and the internal Self-Study Google site available to faculty and staff.  


Students from USciences and other institutions benefit from the flexibility of a range of articulation and affiliation agreements. 

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness 

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is responsible for all institutional research, reporting, and oversight of assessment and planning.  USciences faculty and staff should refer to the internal OIE Google site for the Factbook, institutional data, survey data, and assessment reports. 

Kymber L. Taylor
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Whitecar Hall 2301
(215) 596-7042 

Marc LoGrasso, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Assessment
Whitecar 2300 

Alaina Giovanni, MEd
Data Analyst 

General Education

The General Education program and curriculum support the mission of the University and foster the development of well-rounded college-educated leaders. 

Britta Schasberger, MSPT EdD
Director of General Education/Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
4500 Woodland - Office 109 

Honors Program

The USciences Honors Program offers exceptional students the opportunity for specialized, intensive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Steve Moelter, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Director, Undergraduate Program in Psychology, Director, University Honors Program, Co-Director, Neuroscience Program
Kline Hall 218


The faculty and staff of the Joseph W. England Library support the academic and research needs of USciences faculty, students and staff.

Leslie Bowman
Associate Director of Library & Information Sciences, Associate Professor of Information Science
Office 309 

Caitlin Angelone
Instructor, Access Services Librarian 

Cheryl Collins
Collection Management and Metadata Librarian 

Jennifer Hasse
Assistant Professor, Information Science

Hilda Wilson
Circulation  Coordinator

Beatrice Bolger
Library Night Coordinator

Dan Flanagan
Serials Assistant 

Gloria Goodwin
Bibliographic Technician 


The Registrar’s Office maintains academic records for all students enrolled for academic credits. USciences students, faculty and staff should refer to the internal Registrar Google site for enrollment verification requests, forms and FERPA information.

Bernadette Morris
Interim Registrar
Whitecar Hall 1104

Sponsored Projects and Research

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research (OSPR), a central office for the receipt and dissemination of funding opportunities, provides assistance to faculty members, administrators, and students from conceptual development and planning through implementation and management of funded projects.  Internal audiences should visit the OSPR Google Site for comprehensive information, forms, etc.

Substance Use Disorders Institute 

The Substance Use Disorders Institute (SUDI) at USciences translates science into policy and practice and improves substance use disorders care, and promote effective long-term recovery strategies.

Andrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD
Executive Director, SUDI
Griffith Hall 108A


Patty Notarfrancesco

Office Location:

Whitecar Hall, Suite 2300


University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495