Science and Healthcare Degree Programs, Majors and Minors

Alphabetical Listing

Biochemistry: BS | Minor | MS, PhD
Bioinformatics: Minor | MS
Biology: BS | Minor
Biomedical Sciences: BS
Biomedical Writing: MS, Certificates in Medical Marketing Writing and Regulatory Writing
Biophysics: Minor
Biostatistical Methods with SAS Programming: Certificate
: Certificate
Brewing Science Certificate: Certificate
Business: BS | Minor | MBA, Certificate
Cancer Biology: PhD
Cell Biology and Biotechnology: MS
Cell and Molecular Biology: PhD
Chemistry: BS | Minor | MS, PhD
Communication: Minor
Environmental Science: BS | Minor
Exercise Science and Wellness Management: BS | Minor
Forensic Science: Program | Minor
General Business: Minor
General Studies: See Undeclared Program
Health Policy: MS, PhD
Health Psychology: MS
Health Science: BS
Humanities: Minor
Humanities and Science: See Medical Humanities
Literature: Minor
Marketing: Minor
Mathematics: Minor
Medical Anthropology: Minor
Medical Humanities: BS
Medical Laboratory Science: BS
Microbiology: BS | Minor
Misher Pre-Professional Studies: See Undeclared Program
Music: Minor
Neuroscience: BS | Minor
Occupational Therapy
: DrOT with BS in health sciences, Post-Baccalaureate DrOT, Post-Professional Online DrOT, Post-Baccalaureate MOT
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business: BS | Minor | MBA, Certificate
Pharmaceutical Chemistry: BS
Pharmaceutical Sciences: BS
Pharmaceutics: MS, PhD
Pharmacognosy: MS, PhD
Pharmacology and Toxicology: BS | MS, PhD
Pharmacy: PharmD
Pharmacy Administration: MS
Physical Therapy: DPT with BS in Health Science, Post-Baccalaureate DPT
Physician Assistant Studies: Undergraduate, Pre-Professional Program | MSPAS
Physics: BS | Minor
Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Dentistry: Program
Psychology: BS | Minor
Public Health, Health Policy Concentration: MPH
Small Business Management: Minor
Social Sciences: Minor
Sociology: Minor
Spanish: Minor
Undeclared: Program
Writing, Creative: Minor
Writing, Professional: Minor


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