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Growing Interprofessional Education Learning Opportunities

Interprofessional education (IPE) continues to become an important and growing aspect of training for all USciences professional students. More and more opportunities are being added both as part of internal activities and collaborations with other local universities.

Large scale IPE experience events are held for first-year professional USciences students in the pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and occupational therapy programs. Large group and small group formats are used to facilitate discussions around professional roles and responsibilities, as well as student perceptions about different career paths.

The IPE learning opportunities help to meet a strategic plan objective to foster “collaborative ready” students upon graduation.

Core Competencies

The expanded activities encompass not just students at USciences but also students and practitioners from healthcare education institutions, and medical center training programs. The goal is to meet four core competencies developed by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), formed by six national education associations in various health professions. The competencies are:

  • Values and ethics for interprofessional practice
  • Roles and responsibilities for collaborative practice
  • Interprofessional teamwork and team-based practice
  • Interprofessional communication practices