Teaching and Learning Center - Document of Innovations

The Teaching and Learning Center is proud to produce the Document of Educational Innovations annually since 1999. This document contains abstracts of the finalists for the Leahy Faculty Award for Learning Innovations and for the Bright Idea Award. This document provides faculty ideas that have worked with our students. The overall goal of this document is to improve teaching and learning.

Annually the Documents of Innovations are disseminated throughout the campus on the Teaching and Learning Center Community Blackboard site and as paper copies to interested people both inside and outside the University. Previous editions of the Document of Innovations have been recognized as one of the best ways to know how innovative faculty members at the USciences teach. For previous editions of the Document of Innovations, please contact p.blumbe@usciences.edu.  A compilation of all the innovative teaching allows others to learn about these ideas and adapt to them. Publication of the Documents of Innovation gives increased recognition to individual faculty who strive to improve their teaching as well as others who enable students to learn more. Hopefully, this document will help faculty to collaborate on new ideas and will inspire others to try new methods to improve their teaching and learning. All of the faculty members welcome feedback on their ideas. If you use or adapt an innovation, please give the author the credit and tell the original instructor how it worked. 

The Patricia Leahy Award for Learning Innovations This award was established in memory of Patricia Leahy, a PT faculty member here, to acknowledge faculty's innovative efforts to increase their students' learning through innovative teaching practices. To be considered for the Leahy Award the innovation must have been implemented several times and there needs to be assessment data showing that the innovation leads to improved student learning. Many Leahy submissions reflect true Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Some of the faculty members are ready to submit or have already submitted their ideas to peer reviewed professional journals.

The Teaching Learning Center gives Bright Idea Awards for creative ways to teach, or assess students, including the use of educational technology. Innovative teaching that has been implemented once and does not yet have formal assessment data to show its effectiveness is eligible for the Bright Idea Award.


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