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Frequently Asked Academic Questions from Incoming Students

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by incoming first-year students regarding academic matters. If you have additional questions not addressed here or during orientation, please contact the office at 215-596-7530 or by email at

How do I register for classes?

During the first semester you attend USciences, your Fall schedule is made for you by the Registrar’s Office. After your first semester, all registration will be done online.

When will I see my fall schedule?

Registration is done individually by the Registrar’s Office and your course schedule should be available by mid-August. Individual schedules may appear to different students at different times, so do not be concerned if another student has received their schedule and you have not yet.

Where can I find my course schedule?

By logging into WebAdvisor and selecting the Student menu. You will see a section called “Academic Profile,” a link to “My Class Schedule.” This will bring you to a page where you can select the term that you wish to view.

When can I make changes to my fall schedule?

The first day you may make changes is during the Saturday of Welcome Weekend. Time will be set aside to begin making minor changes, such as changing sections. Any major changes of adding or dropping classes can be made starting the first day of classes, with your Advisor’s approval. The last day you may make changes is the end of the second week of classes.

Where do I go for:

  • Tutoring sign up—Students can sign up for Tutoring during the 3rd week of the semester by going to Tutorial Services.
  • Help with writing papers—For help and feedback, visit the Writing Center.
  • Help if I feel anxious about an upcoming exam —Students can attend a Student Success Session provided by Tutorial Services, or speak with a Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) Counselor.
  • Help if I want to develop my resume or look for an internship—For either of these two issues, visit Career Services.

When is the deadline to decide if I want to keep or decline my AP credit?  

The deadline to accept or decline AP credit is the last day of the Drop/Add period, the Friday of the second week of classes.

Where can I get my class books?

Students may purchase new, used, rental, and digital materials based off the courses listed on their Blackboard accounts. Access the Online Bookstore.

Where do I go to discuss ADA accommodations/concerns?

The Office of Student Accommodations is located in the Academic Advising Suite, 1st Floor, Whitecar Hall.

Information regarding the student accommodations offered, the request process, and general FAQs can be found here. Specific questions about your students' needs can be sent to

Where can I find a list of important fall dates?

Refer to the Academic Calendar for all important dates.


Academic Advising Center
Location: Whitecar Hall, Suite 1110
University of the Sciences
600 S. 43rd Street
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215-596-7530, 215-596-7480