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Academic Advising Center

The primary purpose of the academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. This is accomplished by promoting and facilitating:

  • Development of suitable educational plans
  • Clarification of career and life goals
  • Selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences
  • Interpretation of University requirements
  • Enhancement of student awareness about educational resources available (e.g., internships, honors and learning assistance programs)
  • Evaluation of student progress toward established goals
  • Development of decision-making skills
  • Reinforcement of student self-direction
  • Referral to and use of University and community support services
  • Collection and distribution of data regarding student needs, preferences and performance for use in making University decisions and policy
  • Awareness of student academic progress and development of student action plan as needed
  • Development of behaviors which are consistent with being a professional
  • A successful academic experience at this University

Additional information about Academic Advising, Pre-Health Advising, and Weekly Tutoring Sessions are outlined here.


Academic Advising Center
Location: Whitecar Hall, Suite 1110
University of the Sciences
600 S. 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495


215-596-7530, 215-596-7480