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Substance Use Disorders Institute

The costs to individuals, families, and our communities have been devastating. Driven in part by excessive opioid use and an unprecedented flood of deadly heroin and fentanyl, drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed, resulting in hundreds of lives lost a day and an epidemic deadlier than the 1990s HIV/AIDS crisis.

About 23 million Americans need treatment for a substance use disorder—less than 10% receive it.  And appropriate prevention and support services are needed for those using substances in a problematic way. All healthcare professionals should feel called to action to address the problem, including learning from the over 22 million Americans living in recovery.

Gaps in knowledge and training—in addition to pervasive stigma and discrimination—perpetuate ineffective treatments and policy, and limit positive change. The solution: a research- and evidence-based approach.

The Substance Use Disorders Institute (SUDI) at USciences translates science into policy and practice and improves substance use disorders care, and promote effective long-term recovery strategies.

Our work includes

  1. Improving patient care by educating healthcare professionals about substance use disorder risk factors, prevention, treatment, and recovery. See more information about our medical cannabis certification courses and opioid continuing education programming.

  2. Synthesizing and analyzing scientific evidence.

  3. Providing recommendations to decision-makers to inform healthcare and drug policy choices.

  4. Conducting impactful preclinical, clinical, health policy, and public health research.

With more states requiring healthcare providers to improve their education and credentials, SUDI provides critical training and certification courses.  And by convening the top subject matter experts for lecture series and other discussions, SUDI serves as a regional hub for substance use and recovery education, and legislative progress.


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