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Meet the Substance Use Disorders Institute Faculty and Staff

SUDI faculty represent a diverse and interdisciplinary range of healthcare professionals and leaders in the field—including clinicians from pharmacists to occupational therapists, neuroscience, toxicology, and pharmacology researchers, and biomedical business, regulatory and policy experts. They all prioritize evidence-based approaches to identifying and managing the health problems associated with the use of alcohol and other substances.


Andrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD, John Wyeth Dean Emeritus, Executive Director, Substance Use Disorders Institute, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, and Professor of Health Policy

Jessica Adams, PharmD BCPS, Asst. Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, HIV & Infectious Diseases Specialist

Martin Oliver Carrion, MPP, PhD, Asst. Professor of Spanish & Humanities, Dept.of Humanities

George Downs, PharmD, Dean Emeritus, Pharmacy; Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

Amy Janke, PhD, Director, Health Behavior Research Lab; Director, Master’s Program in Health Psychology; Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Zachary A. Klase, PhD, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Laura A. Mandos, PharmD, BCPP, Remington Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

Cathleen O’Connell, PhD, Asst. Professor of Biomedical Writing, Biomedical Writing Graduate Program

Bela Peethambaran, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Monica Taylor, PhD, CSCS, EP-C, Asst. Professor, Director, Exercise Science, Dept. of Kinesiology

Shanaz Tejani-Butt, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dan Ventricelli, PharmD, MPH, Asst. Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

Jason Wallach, PhD, Instructor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Andrew M. Peterson, PharmD, PhD, FCPP
Executive Director, Substance Use Disorders Institute


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