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Coronavirus (COVID-19): The latest updates about USciences return to campus: The full plan for a phased return of employees and students:

Institutional Priorities and Outcomes for Middle States Self-Study

Institutional Priorities

  1. Drive innovation in teaching, service, and research to generate excellent student outcomes and promote the advancement of the scientific and healthcare communities.
  2. Create a supportive educational environment for students, faculty, staff, administrators and aligned stakeholders, cultivating the skills necessary to promote current and future wellness.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships, both internally and externally, to create efficiencies and maximize strengths while reaching a broader population of learners.
  4. Embrace an esprit de corps based on accountability, mutual respect, and collaboration to realize the USciences of the future. 


  1. Achieve reaffirmed accreditation.
  2. Develop a unified institutional direction that includes united efforts from faculty, staff, students, and administration.
  3. Establish systematic and open communication involving multiple campus constituents and stakeholders regarding the USciences identity and future directions.
  4. Further refine and communicate an integrated role for assessment in planning and decision-making processes within the University.
  5. Utilize the opportunities for improvement and innovation identified through the MSCHE Self-Study process to inform the development of the next USciences Strategic Plan.