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University Presidents

University of the Sciences has had 25 individuals serve as president since its founding as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1821. This total includes those who have occupied the seat as interim presidents.

A History of University of the Sciences Presidents


Name Years of Service
Charles Marshal 1821-1824
William Lehman^ 1824-1829
Daniel B. Smith^ 1829-1854
Charles Ellis^ 1854-1869
Dillwyn Parrish P’1830    1869-1885
Charles Bullock P’1847, HonPhM’1889 1885-1900
William J. Jenks P’1842, HonPhM’1888 1900-1900
Howard B. French P’1870   1900-1921
Otto W. Osterlund P’1899   1921 (March to May)*
William C. Braisted 1921 (May) to 1927 (April)
Wilmer Krusen   1927 (April) to 1941 (March)
Ivor Griffith P’12, PhM’21   1941 (April) to 1961 (May)
Col. Samuel P. Wetherill HonDSc’55 1961 (May to July)*
Vincent J. Keenan    1961 (Aug.) to 1963 (Jan.)
Alfred J. D’Angelo P’30, HonDSc’64  1963 (Jan. to July)*
Arthur Osol P’25, BScC’28, MScC’30 1963 (Aug.) to 1975 (Jan.)
John V. Bergen P’56    1975(Jan.) to 1979 (Dec.)
William A. Thawley P’38       1980 (Jan. to June)*
William A. Thawley P’38 1980 (June) to 1984 (Jan.)
Allen Misher P’59, HonDSc’95     1984 (Jan.) to 1994 (Dec.)
Philip P. Gerbino P’69, PharmD’70 1995 (Jan.) to 2011 (Aug.)
Marvin Samson HonAlm’96 2011 (Sept.) to 2012 (July) *
Helen F. Giles-Gee    2012 (July) to 2015 (Dec.)
Marvin Samson HonAlm’96    2015 (Jan. to July) *
Kathleen R. Mayes P’76, PharmD’78 2015 (July) to 2016 (August) *                      
Paul Katz 2016 (Sept) to 2021 (July)
Valerie Weil 2021 (July to present *

USciences only degrees listed
^ PCP founder
*interim president


Jenna Pizzi


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