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Historic Articles from The Bulletin

Below are recent articles from The Bulletin that trace historical references of University of the Sciences.

John Wyeth & Brother: A Family Legacy in the History of Pharmacy (Bulletin Vol. 102, No. 1)

PCP Lecture Ticket Collection Luther Pascal Bowers PhG’1885 (Bulletin Vol. 102, No. 3)

Ivy Traditions at USciences (Bulletin Vol. 101, No. 1)

The History of The Bulletin (Bulletin Vol. 101, No. 2)

Dr. Theodor Philip Haas: PCP&S Botanist and Holocaust Survivor (Bulletin Vol. 101, No. 3)

Botanicals to Braque- Five Centuries of the Illustrated Book (Bulletin Vol. 100, No. 3)

PCP’s 19th-Century Thesis Collection (Bulletin Vol. 99, No. 2)

PCP on the Parkway? Almost. (Bulletin Vol. 98, No. 3)

100 Years of Hoops and Hoopla (Bulletin Vol. 98, No. 1)

Celebrating the Lilly Legacy at USP (Bulletin Vol. 97, No. 2)

Circa 1821: Designing for 19th-Century America (Bulletin Vol. 96, No. 3)

Culture of Discovery USP Alumni Apply Themselves to the Patent Process (Bulletin Vol. 95, No. 4)

World Renowned Anatomy Art Illustrated at USP: Dr. Frank H. Netter’s impressive medical illustrations captivate visitors at USP’s museum (Bulletin Vol. 95, No. 1)

Grinding Stone to Art Object: The Mortar and Pestle from The Renaissance to the Present: Marvin Samson Center for the History of Pharmacy Loans Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Items from its Vast Collection (Bulletin Vol. 94, No. 3)

World-Famous Alumnus Honored in Centennial Exhibit: Exhibit illustrates the impact and influence Sir Henry S. Wellcome had on the pharmaceutical industry and world health (Bulletin Vol. 93, No. 4)

A Room with a Viewpoint: The Leopold E. Helfand Rare Book Room and Archive provides a history of the University as well as American (Bulletin Vol. 93, No. 3)


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