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Do you have a family member that attended USciences? Are you a current employee or student? If you are an alum, did you have a favorite hangout, a favorite professor, or  meet your special someone on campus?

Share your story so it can be added here:

A picture of two USciences students from an old yearbook
  • “Studying at PCP&S during a turbulent time in our nation’s history, I was awakened to an interest that would eventually pair my love of science with my interest in public service”

    Tom McKeon BS’70, Chemistry
  • “I was so nervous my first semester teaching General Biology I in Fall 2012, walking into Griffith Lecture Hall and seeing 100 students in the room. Eventually, I became close with my students—cried together over sad news, jumped up and down together after their hard work paid off. I am still close with several students all these years later and each of my classes feels like another addition to my USciences family. Even if I am only with them for a semester or two, I am blessed to be part of their journey, and I am blessed having them as a part of mine.”

    Grace Farber USciences Faculty since 2012
    Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience
    Co-Director, Neuroscience Program
    Pre-Health Program Director


The Rough-Housers, 1907


  • “The Mall was the student meeting place to gather and connect with friends—that's where we found each other.”

    Scott Greene P’92, MS’14
  • “Exams were on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 AM. What happened to those days?”

    Scott Greene P’92, MS’14
As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 107 No. 2

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 107 No. 2