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Writing Labs at the Writing Center

We offer a variety of group tutoring sessions called writing labs.

These labs are peer led and combine lectures, worksheets, reading assignments, group activities, peer editing and presentations to help writers improve their writing skills.

We keep the group tutoring labs small in size to help create a caring community of writers who are comfortable sharing their writing with others.

Spring 2014 Writing Labs

Below is a list of campus-wide writing lab group tutoring sessions. These workshops are centered on weekly topics. Each lab is led by an experienced peer tutor. The weekly labs are held in Writing Center Conference Room. Please call, email, or stop by to register for the lab(s) you are interested in. Please note space is limited so please register early.

Narrowing a Topic, Audience Analysis, & Thesis Statements
Friday, 1/24, 12-1pm
This workshop is designed to help students narrow down topics for various papers, understand the importance of audience when writing, and how to craft an effective thesis statement.
Presenter: Valentina

Argument Analysis & Refutation
Tuesday, 2/4, 1-2pm
This workshop will focus on how to fully analyze an argument and how to refute an argument.
Presenter: Trang

Finding Credible Sources / Evaluating Sources
Tuesday, 2/11, 1-2pm
This workshop will guide students through the process of navigating the USciences electronic databases for credible sources and once sources are located to evaluate their effectiveness.
Presenter: Anush

Writing a Research Paper
Thursday, 2/20, 1-2pm
This workshop is designed to help students brainstorm, craft, draft, and revise a research paper.
Presenter: Courtney

APA citation workshop
Tuesday, 2/25, 10-11am
This workshop will focus on how to properly insert both in-text and parenthetical citations in APA style.
Presenter: Michelle

Writing a Proposal
Thurs 3/13, 2-3pm
This workshop will guide students on how to write a proposal.
Presenter: Sarah

Prewriting, Outlining, Drafting, & Revision strategies
Thursday , 3/20, 3-4pm
This workshop is designed to help students with the entire writing process from brainstorming to outlining to drafting to revising.
Presenter: Sabrina

Script Writing
Thursday, 3/2, 75-6pm
This workshop will focus on how to write a script for a video/media project.
Presenter: Siya

Making a Video
Wednesday, 4/2, 3-4pm
This workshop will guide students through the process of making a video using simple, user-friendly editing software.
Presenter: Amber

Powerpoint Presentations, Oral Presentations & Presenting Group Projects
Monday, 4/7, 11-12pm
This workshop will focus on how to create and deliver a winning oral presentation with the use of multimedia platforms such as powerpoint, prezi, and/or videos.
Presenter: Rumya

Reflection Papers & Portfolios
Wednesday, 4/16, 4-5pm
This workshop is designed to give students a better understanding of the purpose, critical thinking skills, and thoughtfulness needed to write meaningful reflection essays. The purpose and structure of portfolios will also be discussed.
Presenter: Denise

Rewrites & Revision strategies
Monday, 4/21, 10-11am
This workshop is designed to assist students who will be rewriting, revising, or resubmitting work before the end of the semester. The lab will focus on revision strategies and improving the original document.
Presenter: Colleen


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