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West Center Computational Resources

A variety of hardware and software tools are available to the faculty, postdoctorals and students using the West Center to carry out their computational research activities. The tools providing the primary computational power are varying-size Beowulf Computer Clusters, including a 20-processor cluster, a 32-processor cluster, a 128-processor cluster which recently became operational in August, 2005, as well as an Apple X-Serve Cluster.

The West Center also contains a variety of stand-alone computers, including two Silicon Graphics workstations, and a combination of both PC and Macintosh computers.

Also available is a 5 terabyte, robotic tape drive system, which is used for the routine backup of the files created, and for archival storage.

In addition, a 20-station computer classroom is located adjacent to the West Center in Griffith Hall 338, consisting of a combination of e-Macs and i-Macs.

All computers associated with the Center have high speed internet connectivitiy.

A variety of sophisticated software packages are available for use in the West Center, such as Oracle, Gaussian 98 and AMBER, which allow database management of both genetic and chemical databases, as well as greatly improved computer modeling capabilities.

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