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Looking to Transfer into a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program?

USciences is a school dedicated to the health sciences, and we offer transfer students interested in physical therapy a place in our DPT program. Our program means you are automatically accepted into the professional phase of the program, with no further application, as long as you maintain minimum grade requirements. Below you will see what you’ll need to transfer in as a second- or third-year student.

Course Planning

Access our worksheet for physical therapy to use with your advisor to evaluate and plan your current coursework.

How does your current coursework stack up?

Here are the courses we recommend taking before transferring to USciences’ DPT program.  Click here for an incomplete list of courses from other institutions that transfer into USciences.

You are eligible for SECOND-YEAR consideration if you have completed, at the collegiate level, on the following first-year courses:

General Chemistry I & II with labs 8 cr.
Introduction to Sociology  3 cr.
Pre-calculus & Calculus I  6 cr.
2 semesters of Writing Intensive English  6 cr.
General Education – Humanities Requirement
Examples of humanities classes are:
    • Art Appreciation
    • History
    • Music Appreciation
    • Philosophy—Ethics and Values
    • Any foreign languages
3 cr.

You are eligible for THIRD-YEAR consideration if you have completed, at the collegiate level, the first-year courses listed above and the following:

    General Biology I & II with labs
    (NOT Anatomy & Physiology)
    8 cr.
    Introduction to Psychology 3 cr.
    Introduction to Communication 3 cr.

    General Education—Requirement (must be in addition to specific courses required in curriculum)

    6 cr.
    General Education Requirement (Additional social science and/or humanities elective credit)  

Additional Considerations for transfer into the DPT program:

  1. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are completed and space in the program may be limited.
  2. A minimum GPA of a 3.0 is required for consideration into the DPT program.

Click here to get started on your transfer to USciences’ DPT program!


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