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Looking to Transfer into an Occupational Therapy Program?

OTCAS and PTCAS applicants: We appreciate your patience as we review a record number of applications. You will receive an admission notice by March 15


University of the Sciences now offers an accelerated pathway to the doctorate in occupational therapy (DrOT) program. It is one of only a handful of entry-level professional doctoral programs in the country. We still offer our MOT program to post-baccalaureate applicants, but why not spend only an extra year and come out with a doctorate? Below you will see what makes our program the best

Why earning a master’s or doctorate in occupational therapy at USciences makes sense:

choice for completing your degree and also discover what you’ll need to transfer in as a first-, second-, or third-year student.

  • One of only a handful of entry-level professional doctoral programs in the country
  • Direct-entry program means automatic acceptance into the doctoral phase of the program on completion of the BSHS, with no further application, as long as you maintain minimum grade requirements
  • Opportunity to earn a DrOT through our accelerated pathway, earning a BSHS in 3½ years, and the DrOT after 2½ years of additional study
  • Employment opportunities in a fast-growing profession, where your DrOT will set you apart as a leader
  • Preparation for both general practice and your choice of two specializations: community-based practice and leadership
  • Two 3-month clinical internships (all programs) and one 4-month rotation (DrOT programs), which will complement your specialty area

Students starting classes in the first or second year of the occupational therapy program will begin classes in the fall, while third year eligible and post-baccalaureate students will begin the professional phase of the OT program in late May.

More Information for Transfer Students and Post-Baccalaureate Students

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