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Transfer Students

Transferring to USciences

Whether you've recently decided to pursue a science or professional health career or you planned your education to take advantage of a community college, you know the decision on where to complete your studies is critical to your future.

USciences considers anyone with one semester or more of college experience after graduation from high school as a transfer student.  Individuals with a bachelor’s degree completed prior to admission at USciences for a second bachelor’s degree or one of our professional degree programs (PharmD, DPT, MOT, DrOT or MPAS) work with the transfer counselors as post-baccalaureate students.

Make a Move that Makes Sense

Here's why USciences is a great choice:
  • USciences is offering generous financial aid scholarships for incoming transfer students
  • Our graduates are highly sought after. 94% of graduates seeking jobs are employed within six months of graduation. 1
  • USciences is focused on the sciences and healthcare and has an unparalleled history—we've been educating scientists for almost two centuries.
  • Many of our science majors offer integrated BS/MS programs, enabling you to earn a master's degree with a shortened course of study after completion of our BS degree.

1 USciences students in the graduating class of 2012.
Source: Class of 2012 Post-Graduation Survey

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