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Basic Info About the Teaching and Learning Center

What We Do

Requirements for Applying for a Travel/Educational Development Grant
Teaching and Learning Center
December, 2012

Travel/Educational Development Grants support faculty educational development. Faculty may use these funds to attend educational conferences, to take online training, develop their teaching or contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

1. Existing policies that will remain in effect

A. Teaching Learning grants of up to $500.00 will be available for full time faculty

1. to fund attendance at a conference that focuses on teaching and learning.
2. a travel grant may also be to visit another campus to talk to faculty and students (The money also may be used to bring someone to USciences.)

B. Faculty may only receive 1 award per fiscal year of 500.00, which includes registration for conferences, etc.
C. Preference is given to non-tenure track faculty, and faculty below the ranks of Associate Professor.
D. Adjunct or part time faculty who have taught at USciences for at least the past three years and might be considered a likely candidate for continued employment may also apply for a grant.
E. Send the application letter electronically to Mary Rafferty, m.raffer@usciences.edu.
F. The Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Committee determines if the request is funded provided the Center has the money available

2. Changes to the current policies The policy will take effect on January 1, 2013

A. Rationale for the Changes

During 2011-2012, the Teaching and Learning Center funded 29 full time faculty to attend educational conferences. The total grants funded represented an increase of more than $4,000 over the previous year. To manage the Center’s budget better and to spend money more efficiently, the Center is putting into place the following requirements:

B. New Policies:

1. Requests will be reviewed three times a year, in August, January, and the beginning of June for the following fiscal year. Deadline for application is the third Monday of these three months .Faculty may submit requests for use up to eight months in advance. Faculty may submit requests.for upcoming activities only; faculty may not apply for support retroactively. Because funds are limited, early applications are strongly encouraged.

2. The application letter should include:

a. Faculty must include with their request a written note of support from their chair.
b. A brief, clear statement, not to exceed 250 words, of the overall purpose of the request. The specific ways in which this activity or resource will enhance the teaching will enhance the teaching and learning process in your course(s). Focus on how this funding will impact on your teaching or scholarship of teaching and learning
c. The activity or resource that you wish considered for funding including conference details/workshop title, location
d. Title of presentation, if presenting and type of presentation (poster, oral/platform, panel, workshop, etc.)
e. Amount of money requested and provide a budget demonstrating all sources of funding, if appropriate.
f. Specific plans for sharing with members of your department or other University faculty members the ideas and/or information that result from your participation in this activity.
g Your rank and status in the department concerning tenure; non-tenure faculty on tenure; track appointment.

3. If funded for a multi-day conference, faculty are expected to attend at least 50% of the conference. If a faculty member can only attend one day, they should ask for funds to cover a one day registration.

4. For online training and conferences, preference will be given if more than one USciences faculty member will participate. If more than one person registers, they must attend at the same time and location so they can discuss the ideas.

5. Following the conference or receiving the money for another purpose, the faculty will submit to the department chair and the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center within 30 days of the travel a short report. The report should accompany their receipts. Reimbursement will be withheld until the report is submitted. The report should state:
a. what they learned from attending
b. a list of sessions attended
c. two to three ideas that they want to implement
d. an approximate time line for implementation
e. the type of people they interacted with and how these interactions helped
f. what they are willing to share at Teaching and Learning Center-sponsored events
g. How they plan to share their work or new knowledge. Publishing, conducting
workshops, are forms of sharing such work. Faculty who present at a conference are strongly encouraged to use the presentation as a platform to begin work on a publication in an appropriate journal or other venue. It generally takes two to three years from presentation to get a publication accepted






Workshops Offered

The Teaching and Learning Center is happy to offer workshops for your full time, part time or adjunct faculty, other groups of faculty, cross-disciplinary special interest groups (i.e., new faculty) and graduate teaching assistants. These workshops can be adapted to fit your purposes and can vary in length. We can develop new ones at your request, either using internal expertise or relying on external consultants. Please suggest additional topics for new workshops.

For more information on offering a workshop for your faculty, please contact Phyllis Blumberg, Director of the Teaching Learning Center, X 1167, or email: p.blumbe@usciences.edu

Sample Topics for Workshops that are currently available:
(for those workshops that have been given recently, a summary is available, along with who participants were)

  • Active Learning, increasing student participation in your classes
  • Educational Program Evaluation
  • Why should we conduct program evaluations
  • How to start program evaluations
  • An educational program evaluation framework
  • Effective small group leadership
  • Establishing a positive classroom climate - summary available
  • Evaluating students on more than just their factual knowledge
  • Getting started in your professional writing
  • Giving constructive feedback to students -summary available
  • Giving laboratory presentations to orient students for lab set-ups of apparatus - summary available
  • How students learn: learning styles- summary available
  • How to observe and respond to common student behaviors in the lab - summary available
  • Identifying Multiple Outcomes for Educational Programs
  • Making effective presentations
  • Matching expected outcomes of our graduates to instruction and student evaluation
  • Preparing our students to be life-long learners
  • Problem-based learning
  • Introduction to Problem-based learning - summary available
  • Planning and implementing a problem-based learning course or program
  • Self-directed learning
  • Student assessment alternatives and techniques
  • Time management
  • Using electronic media effectively in your courses

The Center has many resources on these and other topics.

The Director is also available for individual consultation.


Call for Nominations for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty Awards

Students, faculty members, or chairs may make nominations. Awards are made on an annual basis and if an adjunct faculty was nominated during the fall semester, that nomination is still being considered. Nominations should describe the person's

  • Enthusiasm for teaching/content
  • Organization/presentation
  • Motivation/currentness
  • Impact
  • Accessibility

The list of eligible faculty and the submission form may be obtained from the Teaching and Learning Center and also on website called award

  • Leahy Award
  • Bright Idea
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