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Rubrics for Assessing Teaching


  1. Use of these rubrics is strictly voluntary.
  2. These rubrics represent collaborative research between Phyllis Blumberg, the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center, and the USciences faculty. This form is not required for AFE’s or promotion and tenure documentation.

Rubrics - Research and Development

Currently these rubrics are tools in the research and development stage. This research has been approved by USciences’ IRB. Phyllis Blumberg would like feedback on its use. (Use the feedback form provided.) She also needs to validate these rubrics. Validation can only occur if faculty send their completed rubrics and supporting documentation to Phyllis for further analyses. If a faculty member chooses to send this material to Phyllis, she will ask that person to sign a release form.

Explanation of the self-assessment of teaching rubrics

There are four different rubric forms for different types of teaching: 1) classroom single, laboratory or online teaching, 2) mentoring research, 3) precepting clinical students or for experiential teaching and 4) classroom multiple instructor. Only complete the relevant forms. The forms also contain essential and optional components. Faculty should also include documentation to provide support for the self-assessment ratings. The fourth document explains supporting validation information.

Any questions about using these rubrics should be directed to Phyllis Blumberg (x1167, p.blumbe@usp.edu).

Catalogue of Rubrics for Improving Teaching

A Developmental Tool for Improving Classroom Single, Laboratory or Online Teaching©

A Developmental Tool for Improving Mentoring Students in Research.©

A Developmental Tool for Clinical Teaching or for Preceptors©

A Developmental Tool for multi-instructor course©

Supporting Validity Information for these Rubrics

Feedback to solicit from faculty who completed the teaching evaluation rubrics

Evaluating Assessment Release Authorization

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