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Returning Student Housing Information

Every spring, residents returning to on-campus living for another year will go through housing selection in a real-time, online process..

Housing selection operates very similarly to course registration:

  • Log-in through housing.usciences.edu and create your unique username and password. To get it out of the way and familiarize yourself with the site, do this before your registration day and timeslot!
  • Your registration day is based on class standing and current hall assignment
  • Registration timeslots for current U1s are randomly assigned, grouped about 60 students per timeslot, over the course of 1-2 days (see Housing Selection Timeline below).

Use the site to:

  • Acquaint yourself with the new housing selection site, please watch this short video.
  • View your housing agreement:
    • Whether you’re new to housing, fulfilling your second year requirement, or extending your agreement beyond the first two years, review and E-sign your housing agreement. Residential Student Housing Agreement 2015-2016
    • Pay your $200 deposit if you’re new to housing; maintain a minimum $100 balance if you’re currently in housing
  • See floor plans:
    • View floor layouts (including location of bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairwells, lounges)
    • Learn where themed groups are living (Honors, Health and Wellness, Prep and Bridge, athletes)
    • See which accommodations are offered (gender-neutral bathrooms, etc)
    • Find out who’s living nearby
  • Sign-up for housing:
    • Select exactly where you want to live, and with whom
    • Choose your roommate(s) from the drop down menu and send them a roommate request
    • If your friend with an earlier selection timeslot requests you as a roommate, you just need to accept it within 12 hours (roommate requests expire after half-a-day)
    • Your timeslot remains open until the end of the housing selection process. When you choose and confirm your housing assignment, you are locked into that spot and must wait until selection process is over to request any room changes.
    • If you and your friends are interested in signing up for a whole suite in Osol, you can do so by filling out a Osol Group Application on housing.usciences.edu before online selections starts.
  • Apply for a housing exemption:
    • This year, very few releases will be granted.
    • Until notified by Residence Life, you will remain in housing.
    • Types of exemptions only include:
      • Permanent address within 30-mile radius of campus at time of enrollment deposit
      • Significant demonstrated financial hardship
      • Married or partnered (at start of academic year)
      • Over 21 years of age (at start of academic year)
      • Accommodation mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • If your reason does not fit one of the supported categories above, you do not qualify – there are no exceptions
    • Signing an off-campus lease does not grant a housing exemption. Each year, some residents sign off-campus leases and do not get released from campus housing – these students end up paying for both campus housing and their off-campus lease
    • Only those who filled out a Housing Exemption Application from housing.usciences.edu will be considered for exemptions.  No emails or phone calls!

Housing will be available for:

  • Students after their second year (U3/P1 and beyond).  Email reslife@usciences.edu if you wish to remain in or return to campus housing! You’ll have first priority when selecting housing!
  • Students going into their second year (U2), fulfilling their current two-year housing agreement.
  • Incoming students (U1)

Incoming Students

  • If living on campus, please pay your non-refundable $200 housing deposit, along with your tuition enrollment deposit. First and second-year students who are under the age of 21, and whose permanent address at the time of their enrollment deposit is more than 30 miles from campus, are required to reside in University housing.
  • If you are not required to live on campus but choose to, you may request a housing agreement to only live on campus during your first year at USciences. Please request an application from reslife@usciences.edu.
  • You may pay your deposit online and electronically sign your housing agreement at https://enroll.usciences.edu/ or complete and return your paper copy of the housing agreement along with a check via postal mail.
  • To guarantee your housing, submit your deposit by May 1.
  • Once confirmed, incoming students will be instructed to create an account on housing.usciences.edu and make a preference for housing accommodations. Students will be randomly assigned to a person(s) of the same sex if they do not designate a preference. Student Life tries to honor each student’s choices, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. Check your email in late-July for your housing assignment.
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