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For Your Safety

The Department of Public Safety encourages everyone to be aware of their environment, stay alert, report suspicious activities, take precautions, and report all crimes/incidents. By being proactive, you can play an important role in not only protecting yourself, but also helping others to be safe. With your help, the Department of Public Safety can provide a safe educational environment in which the University community can excel.

The programs outlined below if practiced could possibly reduce the odds of you falling victim to a crime. Take a moment to review the programs so you will be better prepared to help us help you.

For additional information contact the Department of Public Safety at 215.895.1117, or send an email with your request to DPS@usciences.edu.

S.A.F.E. Program (Self-defense Awareness Familiarization Exchange)

The S.A.F.E program provides participants with valuable information on how to become more aware of their surroundings, educates women on how to protect themselves from crime, and introduces pre-basic physical training familiarization methods, which are non-strenuous.

Medical Escort Service

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Department of Public Safety provides medical escorts for non-life-threatening emergencies to University of the Sciences in Philadelphia approved hospitals, emergency rooms, and healthcare centers.

Call 215.895.1117 to arrange for a Medical Escort or request additional information. In the event of an emergency, call 215.596.7000.

Walking Escort Service

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Department of Public Safety is available to provide walking escorts to all University students, faculty and staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, upon request.

Walking escorts are provided for the purpose of safety and security to all locations within the Department of Public Safety patrol area (41st to 46th Street, Baltimore to Woodland (including 4619 Chester)).  The primary goal of the walking escort service is to allow safe travel from one location to another with a greater sense of security.

Call 215.895.1117 to arrange for a Walking Escort or request additional information. In the event of an emergency, call 215.596.7000.

Bus and Shuttle Services

University of the Sciences has contracted with the University of Pennsylvania to provided bus and shuttle services to and from various locations on and off campus. For additional information and a copy of the schedule, refer to the Transportation Services website. 

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are strategically placed throughout the campus for your safety. The emergency call boxes, when activated, automatically contact a Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center and allow direct communication between yourself and a dispatcher in the event of an emergency.

When speaking to the Public Safety Dispatcher speak in a calm and clear manner while providing as much detail as possible related to the emergency. The Public Safety Dispatcher will dispatch public safety personnel and other emergency responders to your location based on the information you provide.

If you are in immediate danger, or are being followed, activate the nearest call box and if necessary keep moving activating additional call boxes as you proceed to a safe location to call 215.596.7000. The Public Safety Dispatchers are trained to send officers to call box activations regardless if someone answers or not.

The Department of Public Safety tests the emergency call boxes on a regular basis to assure operational compliance. If an emergency call box is out of service, the call box will be posted to direct you to the nearest call box.

Anyone experiencing a problem regarding the condition and/or use of an emergency call box should contact the Public Safety Dispatch Center immediately by calling 215.596.7000.

Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency on campus, the Department of Public Safety will utilize the University’s Emergency Notification System to communicate information pertaining to the emergency to all members of the University community. The ENS network utilizes the e2Campus Rapid Notification System (text messaging), email, an internal phone system, video display systems, the Campus TV cable network, the University's website, information flyers, local TV and radio when communicating to the University community during an emergency.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register for the e2Campus Rapid Notification System by going to http://alert.usip.edu to begin the sign-up process.

Emergency Preparedness

The Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with other departments and local agencies has developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan along with policies and procedures for dealing with an emergency that could adversely affect the University community.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan provides information on how to deal to with national security emergencies, natural disasters, external incidents, internal incidents and criminal incidents. In the event of an emergency, the Department of Public Safety will utilize the Emergency Notification System to provide information to the University community.

Awareness Tip Cards

The Department of Public Safety has a series of awareness tip cards and flyers specifically designed to address the security and public safety concerns of the University community. The awareness tip cards and flyers are available in the Public Safety Office located at 4500 Woodland Avenue.

Crime Prevention Seminars

The Department of Public Safety has developed a series of crime prevention presentations and orientation programs designed to educate the University community on various public safety topics. To schedule a presentation or request additional information call 215.895.1117 or email DPS@usciences.edu.

Identification Cards

All current students, faculty, and staff are issued identification cards for the purpose of entering campus buildings and events, as well as to access to many University services. All students, faculty, and staff are required to wear their ID card while on campus and must be able to produce identification upon request from a Public Safety official or University official when on any University owned property.

Individuals are not permitted to lend their ID card to an individual, use another individuals ID card, or tamper with the ID card in any manner. It is the responsibility of the ID card holder to report any ID card that fails to operate correctly, is lost, and/or stolen immediately to the Department of Public Safety at 215.597.7000.

Access Control

University buildings are equipped with electronic access control devices that monitor the activity of individuals entering certain University buildings during normal business hours, and the activity of all individuals entering buildings after normal business hours.

All University residential halls require that students use their ID card to enter their assigned hall. Guests entering a resident hall are required to show ID and follow all policies and procedure as a guest. University students are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their guests at all times. It is against University policy to attempt to use your ID card to enter any area in which access authorization has not been authorized by the Department of Public Safety or an authorized department administrator.

Video Surveillance (CCTV System)

The Department of Public Safety strategically deploys a state of the art video surveillance system to monitor interior and exterior public space areas of the campus. The system provides a deterrent to criminal activity and provides valuable information for investigative purposes.  The system is recorded 24 hours and day, seven days a week and is monitored be a campus dispatcher.

Building Access

All University buildings and residence halls are the private property of the University of the Sciences if Philadelphia and are posted as such. These buildings are opened at a designated time each morning and secured at a designated time each evening.  Any unauthorized person entering a University building is considered to be trespassing. After-hour access to University buildings is determined by the needs of each department. Once a building has been secured for the evening, only authorized individuals are permitted to enter.

Weapons Policy

The health, safety, and welfare of students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance to the University. The presence of weapons poses a direct and substantial threat to the safety of our faculty, students, employees, and visitors to our campus. All students (except for those on the University rifle team during practices and competitions) former students, faculty, employees (except for Public Safety Officers and law enforcement officers acting within the scope and course of their employment), former employees, customers, vendors, and visitors are prohibited from possessing, carrying, or storing on their person, on University premises and in any vehicle on campus any weapon without specific authorization from the Executive Director of Public Safety.

For purposes of this policy, the term “weapon” includes any device, instrument, material, or substance that under any circumstances is readily capable of causing death or injury. Weapons include but are not limited to rifles, shotguns, handguns, pellet or BB guns, starter pistols, dangerous knives, sling-shots, billy-clubs, blackjacks, makeshift weapons, martial arts weapons, explosive materials, or any other lethal or dangerous devices capable of casting a projectile by air, gas, explosion or mechanical means. on any property or in any building owned or operated by the University or in any vehicle on campus.

This prohibition includes licensed firearms or weapons and applies to all that are licensed to carry firearms or concealed weapons. Requests for exceptions from this policy should be addressed in writing to the Executive Director of Public Safety.

The University shall have the right to seize any firearm or weapon from any persons on the campus. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and expulsion. In addition, any person authorized to carry a weapon on campus, including any Public Safety Officer and any member of the rifle team, who uses a weapon in an unauthorized or inappropriate way is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination and expulsion.

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