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General Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, the USP Department of Public Safety has the authority to evacuate campus buildings. An evacuation of a building does not automatically result in a cancellation of classes or the closing of all or part of the University. Only the University President or his designee has the authority to approve cancellation of classes or closing of the University.

At the sound of the alarm, remain calm, evacuate immediately through the nearest exit, alert others, proceed to assembly points (safe zone), move away from the building, and follow the instructions of the emergency responders.

Assist handicapped individuals to the nearest fire tower and wait for assistance. In the event that a handicapped individual is in the fire tower, notify a Public Safety Officer or first responder so rescue arrangements can be coordinated.

Do not return to an evacuated building until the “all clear” signal is given by the Department of Public Safety, who will be working in conjunction with the city, state, and federal support agencies to assure that it is safe to resume normal operations.

Silencing of the alarm does not mean the emergency is over.
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