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The Resume Page

Through preparation and organization, one can develop an effective resume. Start with a careful and accurate assessment of your career objective, educational background, work history, skills, achievements, activities, interests and other experiences which will produce a favorable insight to an employer. Analyze and describe these experiences in terms of the "skills" and "results." Review and organize the facts about yourself. "What can I do? What potentials do want to indicate?" Remember, employers view your resume as a direct reflection of you.

Please Note: As stated earlier, the visual presentation of your resume is as important as the content. The length depends upon your experience. Most college graduates should be able to incorporate this information on one or two pages. Use of underlining, capitalization, italics, font size and "white spacing" enhances its appearance and facilitates its reading. We recommend that your resume be word processed and laser printed.

Points to Remember
  • Use a format which best displays your unique background
  • Be positive in what say about yourself
  • Be complete and direct about relevant information, avoid being vague
  • Have others read your resume and relate to what they have learned about from it
  • Project a professional image through an immaculate, eye-pleasing appearance, spacing, margins and headings
  • Keep it to one page, unless have had significant experience related to your career goals
  • Use action verbs which clearly state your skills and experience. For example: designed, analyzed
  • Avoid using the same action verb repeatedly
  • Be consistent in use of indentation, underlining, capitalization and spacing
  • Use a dictionary when in doubt about spelling -- mistakes indicate carelessness!
  • Focus your resume toward particular types of careers
Your Resume Will Accomplish Several Objectives When You Follows The Above Guidelines:
  • Serves as an introduction to your qualifications
  • Saves time by eliminating purposeless interviews
  • Acts as a focus point to improve your personal interview
  • Makes it easier to discuss with confidence your skills and achievements once they are organized and listed on paper
  • Eliminates nervous fumbling for dates and significant facts
  • States the facts and helps avoid over-selling or understating your abilities
Your Resume Needs to be Accurate, Neat & Complete!

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for spelling and typographical errors.

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