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Sample Cover Letter

Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Today's Date

Mr. Jim Bradley
Personnel Manager
Acme Labs
Shermer, IL 54220

Dear Mr. Bradley:

Opening paragraph should create enough interest to encourage the reader to want to press forward. Identify the position for which are applying or inquiring and explain how learned about it. Give information to show your specific interest in the company and in this particular position.

Middle paragraph(s) should increase the employer's knowledge of your skills. Briefly give details of your background, your education and experience that support your candidacy. Highlight your most attractive attributes; mention your specific challenges and aspirations. Do not make this a repeat of your resume, but emphasize or add pertinent background information.

Refer to the reader to your enclosed resume. How will the company benefit from hiring ? In what way will fit into the scheme of things? Why are a good candidate for this position?

Closing paragraph should ask for action. State are available for an interview at their convenience and that look forward to hearing from them. Since the purpose is to get an interview, make a request. A positive request is harder to avoid than a vague hope. Always remember to thank them for their time.



Lloyd Dobler

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