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Resources for International Students Seeking Employment in the U.S.

Some Career/Job Search Tips:
  • Use temporary services; some folks have had success linking international students to work as companies are looking for qualified people to complete a project
  • Look for companies that have a presence in your home country; these companies are sometimes willing to consider having an international student work in the US for a year and then return to their home country to work at the company
  • Some international students have found success acquiring jobs utilizing their language skills (e.g., ESL positions) on the coasts, especially the East Coast
  • Check for virtual job fairs by countries , you might learn about
    companies to tap into that are in the US
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a presence in other countries that
    might provide connections
  • Check your alumni office for international alumni groups
  • Do not sever ties with your home country and continue to network with folks in your home country while in the US
Internet Resources for International Students:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Foreign Born

Association for International Practical Training
This organization offers training programs to promote cultural exchange and will sponsor non-U.S. citizens under the J-1 trainee visa for practical training in the United States for up to 18 months.

Council on International Education Exchange; short term via sponsor

Resume posting site; job search information; jobs

Science careers job database

Job database

Job database

iStudentCity.com - Feel at Home in America
Excellent site - includes a free job placement service, advice on adjusting to college in the US, TOEFL tips, an "Ask the Experts" link to ask your questions about life, study and work in the US, and advice on job-hunting.

Resources for Students Seeking Jobs Outside the U.S.

Internet Resources:

Transitions Abroad

International Career Employment Network

Jobware International

Jobs Bazaar

American Chambers of Commerce Abroad
Link to the websites of American Chambers of Commerce around the world. These sites may help you identify companies (using member lists, for example) and contacts of interest in a particular country.

Association for International Practical Training
Provides placement assistance for both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.

International student organization which facilitates international work exchange programs for students.

Program which provides six month work visas and networking resources for Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Program has an administrative fee.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Similar to Bunac, CIEE offers work and travel experiences in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland,Germany, and New Zealand. CIEE also offers international volunteer experiences and a "Teach in China" program for college graduates. There are some fees involved.

Allows you to search for jobs by country, category, employer, and/or keyword.

International Gateway (from CareerBuilder.com)
Search for international opportunities by country, job type, and more.

International Job Listing Sites
List of international job and internship search resources. (Maintained by the University of California Berkeley Career Center.)

Riley Guide - International Job Opportunities
This excellent page links you to resources by country or region.

Overseas Jobs Web
Database lists openings by industry, resources lists companies with openings by region.

Opportunities overseas.


One very important thing to consider when looking for employment outside of the U.S. is the cultural traditions and job search conventions specific to each country in which you want to work. Here are some recommended websites to help connect you to resources and information on cultural customs, resume and professional correspondence conventions and a range of other important country-specific job search information:

Many colleges and universities publish resume writing guides and other "how to's" for use in the job search. Use this "search engine" to find the URL's of universities in countries that you wish to work, then search their individual sites for career services/employment resources.

Wall Street Journal's College Journal, Global Careers

Includes tips on social and business customs in 26 major countries and international career news and trends.

Overseas Digest
Contains country-specific information including advice on resumes, employment trends, and job search resources.

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