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Kevin C Wolbach , MS
Senior Lecturer of Biology, Assistant Dean, Misher College of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Science
Misher College of Arts and Sciences, Biological Sciences

While many environmental science programs highlight policy and human interaction, at University of the Sciences the emphasis is on field research and scientific adeptness.

“We really focus on the science,” says Kevin C. Wolbach. “We want students to be ready as technologies change and become much more molecularly oriented.”

The University’s proximity to a variety of habitats allows students to study diverse environmental types. “We do a lot of our lab work in nature,” Professor Wolbach says. “We’re not in a classroom typically in our lab periods. We’re out in the field.”

The program’s intense focus on field research and hard science prepares students not only to enter environmentally related fields, but also to thrive in them as research techniques change. And most instructors in the program hold positions in the industries about which they’re teaching, giving students close and immediate access to the knowledge they need to attain.

“We seek students who want a career in an environmentally related field,” says Professor Wolbach. “Lots of other schools have environmental policy or studies. We approach the environment from a scientific standpoint.”

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