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Elizabeth Schlatter
2012 Biology, BS
Fans of TV shows like CSI and Law and Order see forensic scientists as jacks-of-all-trades who can solve the crime in an hour or less. In reality, these specialized experts focus on one particular aspect of the crime scene, and results can take weeks or months to get. Elizabeth Schlatter, who was drawn to USciences originally to pursue medical school, was looking for a challenge and got hooked on forensic science. “I found my niche in forensic sciences. The job postings I’ve come across are looking for biologists or chemists, not a forensic science degree,” she said. Armed with a BS in biology and classes in the forensic science program, Schlatter has plans to continue her education in a master’s program with a concentration in molecular biology. It would be the foundation for the career she envisions in a forensic laboratory as a DNA analyst or toxicologist.
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