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Chris Petoukhoff
2011 Physics and Chemistry, BS

Chris Petoukhoff entered USciences with an interest in both pharmacy and pre-med—and graduated pursuing a future in materials science research.

During Chris’ sophomore year, a physics class sparked another area of interest, and he considered switching to a double major in Biochemistry and Physics. The department chairs “were very helpful and told me about the requirements of the two majors, the expectations of the students and the process of switching into their programs.”  Faculty advisors helped Chris schedule classes in a way that accommodated a dual major.

Meanwhile, two experiences—volunteering at a hospital and participating in chemistry and physics research projects—shifted Chris’ professional plans away from medical school.  “Since I wanted to pursue materials science, I decided to undergo one final major change just before my senior year from Biochemistry to Chemistry.”  USciences faculty helped him navigate this final step.  He graduated with a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Physics, and today Chris is a PhD student at Rutgers New Brunswick.

By utilizing the same advising guidance that Destination: Success offers to Misher students, Chris was able to discover his interests while graduating on schedule.

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