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Erin J McHale
2011 Exercise Science and Wellness Management, BS

Seeking a campus experience that would nurture her active lifestyle and fulfill her interest in health and wellness, Erin McHale discovered a perfect match in USciences. As the new Exercise Science and Wellness Management program got off the ground, she found the university's size to be a big draw. “I thought the size of the program would allow me to personalize it,” McHale says. “And I like that USciences is a small school; you get to know everyone on a more personal level.” Erin considered other colleges with exercise science and sports management programs, but none, she felt, would adequately prepare her to reach her eventual goal of opening a fitness center. With hands-on learning, a pair of internships, and the chance to enroll in business courses, USciences has given her the comprehensive education she needs to succeed.

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