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USP Launches Fall Advertising Campaign
"usp.edu" Makes Its Debut

USP launched its fall advertising campaign today, Monday, October 29, focusing on undergraduate students and their influencers. This campaign will run for nine weeks, and it includes two new radio spots, traffic sponsorships, billboards, and bus backs. Running through the end of December, the advertising also debuts USP’s new domain name: usp.edu, thus officially retiring the “i” in our web and e-mail addresses (see box below for more detail).

First bus back and billboard to be displayed.

Where Can you See It?
The outdoor advertising will launch on bus backs and billboards (located on I-95 and I-76) with HEALTHCAREER, which applies to nearly all of USP’s majors, followed by PHARMACISTUDENT. Next, will be SCIENTISTUDENT and STUDENTREPRENEUR, only on bus backs. USP marketing staff were able to select bus routes that travel through prospective targeted feeder high school communities.  An aim of the campaign is to drive prospective students and their parents to usp.edu for more information where the images will be repeated for reinforcement.

Cutting Through the Clutter
The advertising was developed by the Brownstein Group, a Philadelphia-based marketing firm, and was pre-tested by USP marketing staff to incorporate feedback from prospective students and other stakeholder groups. The outdoor campaign features four blended words against a solid black background, creating a dramatic effect that is expected to cut through the clutter of some other university outdoor campaigns currently on display. The radio spots feature the accomplishments of Kenneth Kinzler PH/TX’83 and Michele Fontana MPT’90 and mirror the ‘career transition’ message. Listen to the radio spots: spot 1 | spot 2

  • The advertising message focuses on some specific qualities and outcomes of a USP education.
  • The campaign extends the focused exposure for USP’s pharmacy program, launched through a billboard and radio campaign in 2006 and expanded through summer 2007. Click here for details.
  • The fall 2007 campaign is the precursor to a larger and broader campaign that will launch in 2008.

USP e-mail addresses lose the vowel, too
The transition from @usip.edu to @usp.edu will be seamless for faculty and staff and is currently in effect. The change will be transparent to both the sender and the recipient. The address change will apply to students in January 2008, to give IT time to communicate and guide the students through the process. There will also be some implications for campus listservs.  More information will be forthcoming shortly from IT. So, stay tuned!

“This advertising commences progressive repositioning of USP in upcoming advertising and public relations,” said Rod Miller, senior vice president of marketing and development . “USP must extend its visible presence in the marketplace during this peak undergraduate recruitment period. In addition, the campaign touches on the diverse character of USP and strengthens the positioning of its OT, pharmacy, PT, and other health and science education.”

New URL Retires the "I"
The transition to “usp.edu” recognizes the academic identity of the University on the web. By eliminating the “i” in our URL and e-mail, the identity of the University will be reinforced in all of our communications.

Faculty and staff are asked to begin using the new URL and e-mail address in all communication. To allow for use of existing letterhead stock, new letterhead that also incorporates the addition of the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy will be distributed for use from January 2008 onwards. New business cards may be ordered as needed to reflect the "usp.edu" domain and the e-mail address change for faculty and staff.

Would anyone like to buy a vowel?
Let’s give the “i” in usip a happy send-off! Faculty and staff are requested to change e-mail signatures (and anything else) to reflect the new domain name.

More detailed information on how this transition will take place will be described in future issues of Inside USP. Technical concerns related to the e-mail address will be addressed by Information Technology (IT).

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for USP’s new fall campaign.