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Exercise Science and Wellness Management Club Started

Students in Samson College have a new club. The Exercise Science and Wellness Management Club held its first meeting on Dec. 7. Thirty students representing majors and minors of the program attended to plan out upcoming events.

Students had the opportunity to write Christmas cards to soldiers abroad and those recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center. Future events include a USciences Biggest Loser competition with ESWM students acting as coaches, hosting guest speakers, and assisting with the Health Fair and free on-campus health screenings.

ESWM Club leadership was appointed to include:

Co-presidents: Rachel Stevko ESWM’11 and Erin McHale ESWM’11
Vice-President: Rucha Patel ESWM’11
Secretary: Tara Srinivas ESWM’12
Treasurer: Ben Zelner DPT’14, ESWM minor
Public Relations Chair: Zach Noel ESWM’11
Student Government Reps: Will Rebman ESWM’13 and Jordan Lyons ESWM’14
Undergraduate Reps: Nicole D’Ascenzo ESWM’13 and Steph Czastkiewicz ESWM’14

Please contact Karin Richards, director, Exercise Science & Wellness Management, at 215-596-8693 or for more information.
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Research Activities Report November 2010

Principal Investigator








Maritz, Carol

Physical Therapy


Mercy/University Pro Bono Clinic

Willey, Vincent

Pharmacy Practice

APHA Foundation**

Evaluation Of Comprehensive Pharmacist-Let Services To Patients With Respiratory Diseases

Friere, Sergio

Mathematics, Physics

RCSD (Research Corporation for Science Advancement)**

Characterizing Ciliary Biophysics Using Force Microscopy And Microfluidic Techniques

McEwen, Charles

Chemistry & Biochemistry

NSF PD-09-6880

Fundamental Studies on New Ionization Approaches in Mass Spectrometry for Tissue Imaging

Maritz, Carol

Physical Therapy

Citizen's Bank**


Moore, Preston

Chemistry & Biochemistry

NSF 10-580

GOALI: Fundamental Molecular Understanding of Hydrophobic Materials Produced by Y-Carbon

Moelter, Stephen

Behavioral and Social Sciences

UPenn (Resubmission)

Mild Cognitive Impairment And Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Thielman, Gregory

Physical Therapy

Temple Subaward

Rehabilitation Of The Upper Extremity Post Stroke - Investigating The Robotic Arm













Davis, Lisa

Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration



Peck, Lois

Biological Sciences

RGK Foundation






Coleman, Natalia

Pharmaceutical Sciences







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9th Annual USciences Research Day will be held on Thursday, April 14, 2011

The goals of this day are to recognize the research efforts of faculty members and students, showcase the diversity and growth of research pursuits on campus, and honor Dr. Krantz through the Annual Distinguished Lecture Program.

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Summer Institute Students Return with Their Students
Charlene Jablow and Denna Hewitt, participants in the 2010 Summer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers, will bring 25 students from the Abigail Vare Elementary School to the University on Dec. 21. The students will be given the opportunity to do science experiments, tour the University’s campus, and meet university students. Catherine Purzycki, biological sciences, will give the students the opportunity to learn more about DNA by extracting DNA from plant cells. Catherine Bentzley, chemistry and biochemistry, will excite and motivate the students to learn more about matter and chemical changes, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is always a crowd pleasure. Finally, Lois Peck, summer institute director, will give students the opportunity to explore animal diversity, the bad, creepy, and crawly of the animal world.

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Faculty, Staff, and Student Achievers

Roy Robsondot Roy Robson was elected a Senior Fellow of the Sophia Intitute at Union Seminary. The Sophia Institute "is an Advanced Research Association and Philanthropic Foundation [housed at Union Theological Seminary] that focuses on the historical culture and ethical outreach of Orthodox Christianity. It is an independent foundation that functions in association with a number of university partners and collaborators, notably: The Harriman Institute (Columbia University), The Center for Early Christian Studies (Catholic University of Australia), The School of Early Christian and Eastern-Christian Affairs (Louvain University), The Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Lviv University, Ukraine), and The School of Social Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan University." Source:

dot Thirteen posters were presented by students and faculty from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the joint 2010 annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC) in New Orleans, LA from November 15 to 18.

Clyde Ofnerdot Dr. Clyde Ofner was appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Investigative Drug Service (IDS) of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT) at the University of Pennsylvania.

dot The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences hosted Dr. Ian Blair, the Director of the Center for Cancer Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, UPenn, who gave a seminar on “COX-2-Mediated Lipid Peroxidation: Discovery of a new Family of Eicosanoids”, November 9.

dot On Sunday, Nov. 14, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Student Chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists participated in Memory Walk 2010. This was the first event for this newly-founded professional organization.

dot Each year, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists offers a competition for “New Practitioners” to conduct and submit an interview concerning a contemporary issue in practice. Isha (Shah) John PharmD'09 was successful with her “entry” and was recognized as the top new practitioner interviewer.  Watch the video:

Social Sciences Fall Festdot The Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, which includes faculty in anthropology, communication, psychology, and sociology, attracted students and their families to an oasis of calm during Fall Fest. Several parents availed themselves of ‘guided relaxation techniques’ provided by psychology faculty members Amy Janke and Alix Timko. And, students and families enjoyed the “Psychology Myth Busters” interactive quiz. The department also projected an overview featuring faculty at work and play, as well as their recent scholarly accomplishments.




Video Interview

dot Like “Story Corps” on National Public Radio, Assistant Professor Kenneth J. Liebowitz is starting to video record stories from alumni, and ‘future alumni’ about their experiences at USciences. The stories will be edited and shared via the web.





BAPS displaydot On Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010, BAPS Student Group hosted its fifth and largest cultural program, "Enligh10ment: A Journey from Darkness to Light" at the McNeil Science and Technology Center's Astra Zeneca Auditorium. The program brought together an over 400 students of every race, culture, and ethnicity in an effort to understand and celebrate the Hindu festival, Diwali. The program provided practical tips for students to overcome materialism, maintain one's identity, and introspect on one's actions to help them walk the path from darkness to light. The event showcased a beautiful "annakut," a mountainous food display of over 275 different vegetarian delicacies that students had prepared in lieu of the celebration. BAPS Student Group plans to host such celebrations and prayer events to inspire students in every facet of life and drive them to success.

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Dr. Marquez Appointed to Prestigious Board of Scientific Counselors
Shannon MarquezDr. Shannon P. Marquez, executive associate dean for academic and faculty affairs in Mayes College of Healthcare Business & Policy has been appointed to serve on the prestigious Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC).

After completing a one-year confirmation process, the appointment was made by Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius.

Dr. Marquez’ appointment is for the National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH)/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Board of Scientific Counselors. The BSC provides advice and guidance to the HHS Secretary, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, currently Thomas Frieden, who also serves as the administrator of ATSDR; and the NCEH (which is part of CDC/ATSDR) regarding program goals, objectives, strategies as well as priorities in fulfillment of the agency's mission to protect and promote the health of individuals.

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Are You Smarter than a USciences Student?
SmarterOn Dec. 9, senior USciences biology majors presented info on mononucleosis to a group of 12th grade Bartram High School students in their Health Academy program. Our students developed the presentation in a game-show style calling it “Are you smarter than a USciences student?” It was well received by the students and teachers alike.

The hope is to conduct a series of of presentations from different student groups/organizations as a way to inspire local high school students to pursue careers in the health professions and life sciences, provide an opportunity for our students to engage in meaningful community service, and to fulfill our commitment to the Mayor of Philadelphia to partner with a high school in need.

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