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Spirit of the Games: The Fun Continues at the USP Olympics
The first University of the Sciences Olympic Games officially kicked-off of Thursday, Feb. 19. Since the night of the Opening Ceremony, there has been a lot of action. Patty O'Hagan from the Division of Student Affairs provides a recap of the fun events thus far and what’s coming up:

The USP Olympics got off to a great start! Alumni won both basketball games at the Opening Ceremonies on Feb. 19 with an overwhelming amount of students, faculty and staff who participated and cheered at both games. There have been great turnouts at every event so far. Tom Franko PharmD'11, coordinator of the USP Olympics, stated that students filled the pool area to capacity on Thursday and everyone had a great time. 

Thank you to Bryan Park, Debbie Zayon, Marc Caserio, and Jesse Phillips for being judges during the first week. It takes a lot of help and support for many of the events to run smoothly. SGA is still in need of faculty and staff who could be officials, judges, or just some enthusiastic supporters! There are pre-written rules and guidelines for every event, and the main objective is to get lots of people throughout the campus community to get involved. The students really do appreciate all of the faculty and staff who have participated so far. Perhaps it would be even more fun for you if you brought along a friend or colleague to assist you. If you can find it in your busy schedules to lend a helping hand, please contact Patty O’Hagan at p.ohagan@usp.edu or Tom Franko at tfanko@mail.usp.edu, and request more detailed information. It will be fun!

Thank you to the following faculty, staff, students, and alumni who participated in the Opening Ceremony basketball games:


Akil Vicks  Amy Van Kleunen
Andrew Ward Blake Starr
Eugene Williard III Frank Keyack
Gene Willard  Jeff P. Miller
Joel Samuel   Kevin Oakley
Kurtis C. Oakley  Mary Kate McGinty
Mike Daniels  Siobhan Duffy
Stacy Rosemarin  


Durrell Griffin Jerome Moore
Claude Finger Dan Waterman
Gabriel Hargrove Greg Thielman
Jesse Phillips  John McCaffrey
Ken Green  Marc Caserio
Naeem Moddy  Pat Lepore
Preston Moore Russ DiGate


Allen Whisler Ambrose Delphino 
Chris Lesher David Zimmerman
Emily Herman Gary M. Smedley
Jackie Lewis Joe Wagner     
Justin Harris   Kareem Karara
Maggie Murphy   Rashana Edwards
Scott Cahayla   Scott Coleman  
Shea West    Shelby Rance 

Here are the results from the first week's events, however, we are going to keep the results secret from here on out. The overall winner will be announced on April 21. 

1st Math Club
2nd ACS
3rd Phi Psi

1st PT Club
2nd a tie between E.P.I.C. and SRC
3rd SOTA

Women's Swimming
1st PT Club
2nd Omega Chi
3rd AST

Men's Swimming
1st Math Club
2nd PT Club
3rd Phi Psi

This puts PT Club in overall first place with three medals and Math Club and Phi Psi tied for second with two medals each. 

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New Hires, Promotions & Department Transfers
Please join us in welcoming our new hires and congratulating promotion recipients! Please note the department transfer.

April L. Andrescavage, Adjunct, Occupational Therapy effective 01/12/09.
James A. Aromando, Director, Benefits & HR Services, Human Resources effective 12/01/08.
Julie A. Becker, Adjunct, Health Policy effective 01/12/09.
Mary B. Berardi, Adjunct, Occupational Therapy effective 01/12/09.
Jennifer L. Colon, Adjunct Lab Instructor, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration effective 01/12/09.
Lindsay A. D’Esposito, Web Developer, Strategic Marketing Communications effective 01/05/09.
Leslie E. Eames, Temporary Student Life & Housing Assistant, Student Affairs effective 01/12/09.
Christina M. Elia, Professional Academic Advisor, Academic Advising effective 01/07/09.
Shannon M. Evans, Web & Graphic Designer, Strategic Marketing Communications effective 01/19/09.
Monica A. Hahn, Adjunct, Teacher Certification Program effective 01/12/09.
John Lattimore-El, Jr., Security Officer, Security effective 12/22/08.
Michael Lepore, Marketing Associate, Strategic Marketing Communications effective 12/01/08.
Julie A. Lloyd, Teaching/Research Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry & Biochemistry effective 01/05/09.
Nina E. Merin, Aerobic Instructor, Campus Recreation effective 01/12/09.
Rodney B. Murray, Adjunct, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business effective 10/08/08.
Katherine E. Nay, Professional Academic Advisor, Academic Advising effective 01/07/09.
Tamara K. Nopper, Adjunct, Social Sciences effective 01/12/09.
Karen M. Rayner, Accounts Payable Clerk 1, Controller’s Office effective 01/05/09.
Michael J. Rovito, Adjunct, Health Policy effective 08/26/08.
Laurie N. Sherwen, Dean of Health Sciences, Health Sciences effective 12/15/08.
Kayly Ta, Adjunct Lab Instructor, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration effective 01/12/09.
Andrea M. Taggart, Adjunct, Health Sciences effective 01/12/09.
Amy C. VanKleunen, Director, Clinical Education & Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy effective 01/12/09.
Charles F. Volz, Jr., Adjunct, Social Sciences effective 01/13/09.
Dale F. Wilson, Adjunct Lab Instructor, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration effective 01/12/09.

Danny Benau from Associate Professor, Biomedical Writing to Director and Associate Professor, Biomedical Writing effective 11/03/08.
Russell DiGate from Interim Provost/Dean of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences to Provost/Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Academic Affairs effective 11/20/08.
Pauline Grant from Assistant to Vice President, Institutional Advancement to Assistant to Vice President/Institutional Advancement Manager effective 12/01/08.
Ross Radish from Administrator, Residence Life, Student Affairs to Assistant Dean of Students/Director of the Office of Student Engagement and Student Ombudsman, Student Affairs effective 01/01/09.
Cheryl Sheppard-Morris from Administrative Assistant II, Biology to Administrative Coordinator, Physical Therapy effective 12/18/08.
William (BJ) Cunningham, Assistant Dean of Student Development in PCP, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Marketing to Dean of Students effective 01/01/2009

Christie McCallion from Human Resources Customer Service Representative to Administrative Coordinator, Institutional Advancement effective 10/06/08.

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Revitalizing Woodland Ave: Your Survey Responses
The Office of Community Partnerships recently sent out a survey asking what you would like to see as part of the Woodland Avenue revitalization project. The results are tallied and the University's vice president for community partnerships, Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe, has an update on what's next:

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey on the Woodland Avenue revitalization project. We received 142 responses, which exceeded our expectations! Of those 142, there were 22 students, 50 faculty, and 70 staff. 40 of you volunteered to participate in some small group meetings, and I will be following up on that sometime later in the spring. Not surprisingly, the amenities that most of you would like to see along Woodland Avenue relate to food: grocery, restaurant, deli, coffee/tea shop. All of the choices listed in the survey were of interest to respondents. The improvements that most of you want to see are ample street lighting, pedestrian traffic, and streetscaping improvements. All of these are goals for the revitalization project. We have had numerous meetings with the leadership and members of the West Shore Civic Association over the years. Most recently, we have engaged a planning consultant (Urban Partners) to work with the University and the Civic Association to develop a community-based plan for the improvements. We’ve held several meetings with a steering committee selected by the Civic Association and are now in the process of planning some small group meetings with the residents, businesses, and churches that line Woodland Avenue. There will then be a community-wide meeting to gather as much input as possible from the neighbors. More news to follow – thanks again to everyone for your interest and support!

Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe
Vice President for Community Partnerships

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Heads-Up: Significant Dates on the Academic Calendar
We are approaching a time of year with many significant dates in the academic life cycle. This is a reminder that the Academic Calendar, with date details for the 2009 spring, summer, and fall terms, is available on the Registrar’s Office website. To view the calendar, please visit http://www.usp.edu/registrar/calendar.shtml.

Please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions about the Academic Calendar at registrar@usp.edu or 215-596-8813.

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Abundance of Activity in Fitness & Health Management 
The University’s Fitness and Health Management students have kept busy this term planning events, attending conferences, and even appearing on television! Karin Richards, director of the Fitness and Health Management Program and the Health Sciences Program, provides a quick snapshot of recent activities in the College of Health Sciences:

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Lightning Speed: Technology Infrastructure Upgrades
The University recently underwent a few technological upgrades to enhance our infrastucture and help us work faster and smarter.

Angel LMS Upgrades: The University’s Angel Learning Management System has recently been upgraded to the latest software level on a new hardware platform and architecture. The new version offers enhanced features that enrich the teaching and learning experience for faculty and students.

Internet Connection Upgrade: The University has increased our Internet connection with the addition of a DS-3 circuit. Incoming traffic increased from 43MBps to 85MBps and outgoing Internet speeds have gone from 3MBps to 45MBps for the services we host on campus. This will allow for more robust communications both on campus and off.

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Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Alpha Lambda Delta, The National Honor Society for First Year Students is pleased to announce that Induction of New Members will take place on Friday April 3, 2009, at 6 p.m. in the AstraZeneca Auditorium of the McNeil Science and Technology Center. The administration, faculty, and staff are kindly invited to attend and congratulate the 111 new members on their academic achievements. On our campus, the extension of an invitation to join is based on first semester grades of our first-year students. They must attain a minimum GPA of 3.5 and be in the top 20 percent of the class. This year, the GPA cut off was 3.69 . That means the top 20 percent of our first-year class has the highest GPA of any previous class inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta. If any of the students are your advisees, students or majors, please come out to congratulate them and encourage their continued academic achievement. The induction ceremony takes roughly one hour and there will be a reception following. If you are interested in attending, please email Kevin C. Wolbach at k.wolbac@usp.edu so that he can keep an accurate count for catering. Staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to attend!

List of Nominees
Akhtar, Waqar
Akhter, Taskina
Andrews, Elizabeth Rose
Anthony, Michael Edward
Aranjuez, Keisha A
Bechtold, Carson Lyle
Blair, Mackenzie F
Borad, Nidhi P
Boulis, Micheline H
Boulis, Miranda H
Boyde, Adam Joseph
Brahmbhatt, Niraj A
Bryant, Samantha E
Burris, Rebecca Mae M
Carr, Jason Amedeo
Chae, Song Ah
Chanpimol, Shane S
Cheng, Hiu Yan
Cheung, David
Chieffallo, Francesca Lugina
Chun, Janny
Cybulski, Alyssa L
DeSantis, Robert J
Easton, Lauren Christine
Elbrecht, Shannon J
Ferguson, Hope A
Fine, William A
Fitzpatrick, Matthew C
Flannery, Kyle Ryan
Flores, Unicel-Anne R
Gagliardi, Maria Elena
Garcia, Francisco Maximiliano
Gerdine, Carl H
Gockley, Adam John
Hanna, Paul M
Hughes, Mitchell E
Huon, Monica
Jeon, Soohyun
Jin, Zhimeng J
Jones, Laney K
Julian, Lauren M
Karara, Hany A
Kay, Christopher M
Khensouvann, Lorna K
Kim, Jin Hyung J
Kim, Jung Eun
Kim, Rachel
Kim, Soo Yun Angela
Lanser, Maria J
Leach, Caitlin E
Lee, Ann C
Liu, Yuqian
Lye, Angela
Lykhatskyy, Andriy
Maddatu, Heloise Constantino
Maiman, Joshua Reid
Mangulabnan, Michael A
McCalley, Tanner
McCullion, Cailin Marie
Mehra, Dimpy
Minchak, John Joseph
Munda, James A
Myers, Morgan E
Narbut, Melanie J
Nguyen, Brian Q
Nguyen, Brittany T
Paci, Danielle Nicole
Park, Sangwoo
Patel, Jigna J
Patel, Kartik L
Patel, Krupa Bharat
Patel, Sejal Ketan
Petrucci, Tara J
Peyton, Luke Austin
Pham, Chris H
Pierce, Nicholle I
Pinto, Amanda M
Pruskowski, Kaitlin A
Purzycki, Daniel J
Rahman, Shumaia Fazila
Raju, Rinku S
Reeves, Frederick Richelieu
Reganis, Madeline N
Sabharwal, Shreya
Samy, Katrin Noshey
Santayana, Genevieve Marie
Sarang, Hansneet
Scala, David Paul
Sebastian, Maria Salina
Shah, Anjani K
Shah, Pinaki Rajendra
Shah, Radhika S
Shah, Roshni Bharat
Shubella, Jocelyn C
Simon, Sharon A
Swisher, Sean A
Tambakuwala, Kamal D
Thorne, Nathaniel M
Tolan, Meghan E
Van Scyoc, Roger K
Varughese, Tina
Velez, Cristina Dorin
Vengrenyuk, Mariya S
Vinciguerra, Leonard Shawn
Walter, Laura A
Watkin, Lydia B
Weiner, Julia B
Yang, Pamela S
Yi, Catherine Garam
Youssef, Susan Girgis
Zielen, Ashley Marie

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Fresh Sushi Coming to Parkhurst Dining Services
If something smells fishy, it’s likely because Parkhurst Dining Services has added Bumblefish sushi to its menu at all food service locations.

The sushi is prepared daily in Bumblefish’s Philadelphia location and delivered directly from the company to each food service location. The Bumblefish mission is to provide a healthy, tasty alternative for people on the go, taking pride in the fact the sushi, Asian rolls, dumplings and specialty soups and salads are prepared daily using only the freshest ingredients.

Bumblefish started as a sushi delivery business in Arlington, Va., in 2004. Since then, the company has quickly evolved into a unique neo-Asian food concept for consumers who want a quick and healthy meal.


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University City Community Cleanup
In conjunction with Mayor Nutter's 2nd annual Philly Spring Cleanup, University City District (UCD) is organizing neighbors, block captains, community and student groups for the upcoming University City Community Cleanup on April 4, 2009.

UCD will assist University City blocks, block captains, neighbors and student groups by providing trash bags, work gloves, and trash/litter removal. For more information or to sign up for the Saturday, April 4 University City Cleanup, please contact Dexter Bryant at dexter@ucityphila.org or 215-243-0555 x236.

RSVP NOW and join UCD for a complimentary beer (or soft drink) at Local 44, following the cleanup from 2–4 p.m.

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February Research Activities

Principal Investigator




Start Date

End Date


Coleman, Natalia

Pharmaceutical Sciences

NIH (R15)

NMDA Receptors In NF1 Drug Discovery Using Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Model



Moelter, Stephen

Social Sciences

Subcontract - UPENN Jason Karlawish to NIH Resubmission

Decision Making Capacity In Persons With Parkinson's Disease



Harvison, Peter

Pharmaceutical Sciences

NIH (R15) Resubmission

Thiazolidinedione-Induced Hepatotoxicity



Robson, Roy



Christianity And Civil Society In Russia, 1861-2000



Offner, Clyde

Pharmaceutical Sciences

NIH (R15) Resubmission

A Biodegradable Doxorubicin Conjugate For Enhanced Tumor Uptake And Efficacy



Adejare, Adeboye Pharmaceutical Sciences NIH (R15) Orally Bioavailable NMDA Receptor Antagonists 12/1/2009 11/30/2012
Enright, Timothy (Sidorenko, Alex) Chemistry & Biochemistry NIST NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 5/1/2009 9/30/2009
Ideshi, Roger Occupational Therapy Autism Speaks Resubmission Activities & Culture To Improve Opportunities For Socializations (ACTIONS) 5/1/2009 4/30/2011
Sun, Bo Bioinformatics Lindback Foundation Real-time Ultrasound Simulator for Medical Training and Standardized Patient Assessment 1/1/2009 12/31/2010
Freire, Sergio Physics Lindback Foundation "Lab-on-a-chip" devices to characterize Ciliary Biophysics 1/1/2009 12/31/2010

Mahalingam, Madhumati

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Lindback Foundation

Improving Problem Solving Skills of Students in General Chemistry and the Role of "Guided" Questions in Promoting Problem Solving




Metraux, Stephen

Health Policy


UPENN RRTC on Participation & Community living of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities



Porter, John

Biological Sciences

NIH (R15)

Biological production of podophyllotoxin for sustained cancer drug development



Li, Zhijun



Development Of Small Molecule Inhibitors Of Human Complement Factor B



Li, Zhijun Bioinformatics Feldstein Medical Foundation Developing Novel Approaches for Improving Homology Modeling of Helical Membrane Proteins 1/10/2010 12/31/2011
Zauhar, Randy Bioinformatics BioAdvance      
Hartmann/Offner/Chen Pharmaceutical Sciences STTR      

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Cinderella Raiders Claim First Basketball Championship
With March Madness around the corner, the Raiders played the role of Cinderella in the ARC Basketball playoffs. The start of the season brought great promise for the talented but young Raiders. Chris Dohler PharmD'11 even proclaimed "the championship runs through the Raiders" after a brilliant 5-2 start, including beating top ranked Shooters. However, after suffering some heartbreaking defeats, the Raiders were staring at a 5-4 record. They were also one of five teams vying for the final two playoff spots. Facing a difficult challenge and struggling a little, the Raiders remained positive and never pointed fingers. They defeated Strictly Business 44-32 in the final game of the regular season to claim the fifth seed in the playoffs.

Entering the playoffs as the fifth seed, the Raiders were determined to live up to Dohler's prediction in the middle of the season. Their run to the championship can be attributed to their stifling defense. More important, they displayed unbelievable teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the season. Lead by the play of Game MVP Dan Nuzzo PharmD'12, the Raiders once again defeated Strictly Business 30-20 to advance to the semi-finals. The uphill journey got a little steeper for the Raiders facing the first seed Shooters, led by All-Star Scott Cahayla PharmD'12
. The Raiders executed their game plan of shutting down Cahayla and running the fast break. Game MVP Matt Willard PharmD'12, with his relentless hustle and defense proved to be the x-factor in this 32-27 victory.

Before they reached the pinnacle of their trek of winning the championship, they had to defeat the defending champions, led by All-Star MVP Ambrose Delpino PharmD'09. Team MVP Matt Pulcini PharmD'12, stole the show in this game while everyone else on the squad played their roles to perfection. The game was back and forth with several lead changes. In the end, Pulcini, with 18 points, knocked down all his crucial free throws to win 43-30 capturing their first ever championship ring.

The Raiders consisted of inspirational team captain Sean Whalen PharmD'11, Chris Dohler, Matt Pulcini, Dan Nuzzo, Matt Willard, Kevin Pollack C'09, Nick Forst DPT'11, Ben Staub PharmD'11, and Davy Peou PharmD'12.

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Andy Yan Wins his Second Table Tennis Tournament
The second Table Tennis Tournament at the ARC consisted of ten competitors. The fields were separated into pools of five players a piece. The top player with the best record from each group would advance to the Championship round. Returning Champ Andy Yan PharmD'14 finished with a perfect record of 4-0 in pool play from group A. Pat Nast
PharmD'14 finished with a perfect record in pool play from group B. The two titans met in the epic battle for the Championship best out of three series. The match proved to be table tennis at its finest. Ping pong balls were piercing through the ARC air, flying back and forth in every angle. Swing after swing, back-hand after back-hand, and serve after serve, both players dueled to the bitter end for table tennis supremacy. Yan reigned supreme and was victorious by winning 24-22 in first set and 21-17 in second set. It's not easy to win two championships back-to-back but Yan can safely say he is the greatest University of the Sciences table tennis player for the year 08-09. Congrats to all participants, and special accolades go to Nast who played a great championship match.

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Green Men are Victorious in First-Ever Water Volleyball Tournament
On Thursday Jan. 28, 2009, four teams competed for the "Ultimate Water Volleyball Trophy." The Green Men splashed their way to number one over the three other teams. With one aggressive spike over the net, Dan Nuzzo
PharmD'12 slammed the lid shut tightly on the tournament once and for all.

Never in the history of the University has there been such team work and athleticism. The pool deck was drenched with water that had formerly been in the pool, when the exciting pool volleyball play came to an end. The Green Men were modest gentlemen as they received the, "Ultimate Water Volleyball Trophy." We look forward to seeing the Green Men in the next tournament. Thank you to all the teams that competed in the tournament. The Green Men are composed of Matt
Pulcini PharmD'12, Dan Nuzzo, Chris Dohler PharmD'11, and Kevin Abraham PharmD'12.

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5th Annual Lake Como 5K In Memory of Grania Maggio
The Jersey Shore Running Club presents the 5th Annual Lake Como 5K in memory of Grania Maggio on Saturday, April 25, 2009. Run the scenic certified 5K course around beautiful Lake Como, including a short stretch at the beachfront. Start and finish are at Bar Anticipation, “Where Summer Never Ends.” Afterwards, enjoy barbeque, drink specials, and a party with many giveaways for all.  

Sponsorship monies go to the Grania Maggio Study Abroad Endowment Fund at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Date: Saturday April  25, 2009
Time: Start time 10 a.m.
Location: Bar Anticipation, 16th Ave., Lake Como, NJ
Entry Fee:
Pre-registration by April 20:  $20
Post & Race Day registration:  $25

For more information, or to register online, please visit www.jerseyrunner.com.

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In Memoriam: Dr. Mark Beers
The entire University of Sciences community expresses its condolences on the passing of Mark Beers, MD, adjunct assistant professor of public health, on Feb. 28, 2009. Dr. Beers worked extensively with Dr. Richard Stefanacci as co-chair for the Advancing Senior Health (ASH) Conference and most recently, while writing an article for The Consultant Pharmacist®. Our deepest sympathies are extended to his family and all of his loved ones.